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Those dang moths keep getting bigger every year!

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50 points

Caught in the act.

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My dad, an amateur photographer, caught some INCREDIBLE eclipse pictures from one of the areas in 100% totality, Greenville, SC. I think the

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The inside of a Stony-iron meteorite, believed to be created during the formation of the solar system

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76 points

This plastic wrapped fire alarm in my hotel room.

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23 points

This town dicked the halls

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I'm in Japan so we see the eclipse a day before you guys in the US. Enjoy!

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59 points

The Titanic compared to a modern day cruise ship

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106 points

Photographer captures a once in a lifetime moment

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75 points

A Jet Photobombing My Picture of the Eclipse

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39 points

Once in a lifetime picture taken during eclipse ..

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Literally once in a lifetime shot. Shot by accident by a friend of mine.

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80 points

solar eclipse 2017 Taking a closer look.... OHMYG....

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This is the north pole of Saturn, 2100 km long and 540 km/h of Red wind speed (from Cassini sond)

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96 points

I think this is the best solar eclipse picture yet.

Preview ab88b1ae ead7 4086 a6f6 48adca4adbe1
90 points

Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Preview e15a6af9 b0b1 4b44 88aa dd29820f822e
21 points

Where does it go?

Preview 8ce22ffe f370 4e27 a1b1 55af196956ee
85 points

The best eclipse photo yet (taken by K. Jorgensen)

Preview 3ac57d3a ea89 4d71 9aa9 affc8403c489
49 points

The Titanic compared to the Queen Mary 2

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