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Is it just me or does anyone else think the pillow looks like Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas??? 😂 😂 Also the similarity between Homer and the dog is uncanny!

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167 points

I would like to buy one of these.

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220 points

My cat went inside organs.

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My cat's organisation system...

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When you're trying to get important work done but your cats have other ideas.

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Anything is possible 😅

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The enemy’s gate is down.

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Thanks dude. Its not like I was working on that or anything.

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This is fine.

Preview f4dd38cd 21c1 408d a30d 60fd5cbef633

Trying to weave by your cat had other ideas.

Preview 87f962f9 bade 415b ab69 f49bcd1cd149

Oh, I’m so sorry! I, I didn’t realise you were in here. Hope I haven’t disturbed you, too much. Anyway... I’m just going to go.. go back down... you know... Goodnight!

Preview fcb3bbc2 95db 4d66 9b99 58cdebb7723a

Do you mind?

Preview d8fb114a d884 440f bbf0 d0cb1bd376ff

This couch hog-dog.

Preview 0f6a340b ed96 4e49 b464 a04ceb90542d

Give a cat a bed, he will blatantly ignore it... every. damn. time.

Preview d265ab2e bbf5 4b87 bd18 681a0af57a78

Bedroom in historical house in Vienna

Preview ebfd2402 9261 4c4a 9e9d 87a67729a258
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Beautiful cottage kitchen with plenty of natural light and a view of the lake in Ontario, Canada

Preview b8add9ba bd35 4771 9432 774b9e6fcd6b
116 points

Feedback gladly excepted

Preview 68bf88fe 179d 4b7a a481 cba90cbaecf4
95 points

A glass-enclosed space looking into greens, located to be perpetually in shade by the surrounding walls and existing buildings in New Delhi, India.

Preview 003cd04b aa4a 4fd4 a5f6 b3dbafb1dce4
113 points

Narrow hallway separates indoor living areas in this home located in Maleny, Australia.

Preview 5efe98b4 d526 4644 b460 7fa13e41fc3e
87 points

Lakeside residence study with floor to ceiling window showing the shores of Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington

Preview 018b35b8 71d1 43aa a824 a524bb5ec3db
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