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Rosewood walls and terrazzo floors surround the dining area and sunken conversation pit in this mid-century home located in Piney Point, Texas.

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This desktop....

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Dismantled wooden barn finds new life in the structural elements of this Beverly Hills, CA remodel.

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Warm kitchen features a pleasing blend of white and natural wood colors and includes a small wood fireplace in this home outside of Natchez, Mississippi.

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Awesome shower!

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The Salon Doré at the Élysée Palace. It serves as the office of the French President.

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Best idea for us short girls!

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Relaxed coastal kitchen with cathedral ceilings and beams in Cape Cod, MA

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Bedroom Of An Apartment In Fountain Boulevard Complex In Kyiv, Ukraine By Iqosa.

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At least you won't be dining alone?

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View of the Washington Monument from the Yellow Oval Room in the private quarters of the White House at the end of Obama's term.

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Full-scale replica of the bedroom from Stanley kubrick's "2001" cult sci-fi film, as displayed at the 14th Factory Art Space, LA.

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My downtown loft during a summer storm, Texas, 2017

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An All Red + White Restroom, Fremont, CA

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Walked into the office today, and...

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