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Feature wall in my new room im designing. Melbourne Australia

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14 points

living room facing infinity pool in jackson wy

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8 points

Waiting area in a local restaurant in Orlando, FL.

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10 points


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11 points

Living area which features a central wrap-around staircase in this home located in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

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3 points

Two Level Duplex located in Mexico city, Mexico.

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3 points

my parents new puppy and kitten seem to be getting along

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Midcentury modern penthouse in São Paulo

Preview 3824aaa5 9d07 40a2 a0f3 d168ac7a1cf9
9 points

Want to compare skid marks?

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13 points

Tree House in South Carolina by Anderson Studio

Preview d80a733b e9b5 4915 97c1 487a42c8ed1a
8 points

Kitchen in a Bel Air house designed by John Pawson

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10 points

IKEA's family restroom

Preview 9f06ef1c 76f1 4007 a3b6 e6398cfa6c8f
19 points

Oceanview office, Stonington Maine OC

Preview a18af5cd c910 459d 803c a9b0f49a63e4
12 points

Kitchen in converted Majestic Bus in Herefordshire

Preview 1e4bc310 327c 4c57 b58e d1b60923f493
14 points

Minimalistic house that brings the outside in. Fujieda, Japan

Preview afa70dfe f261 4b99 bb38 9f883767af67
10 points

Spacious kitchen with drop bronze soffits beneath the vaulted ceiling and a large marble backsplash in this home located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

Preview aedc9d3d 9944 4bfe 8f91 0e985ef9c914
12 points

Top floor Berlin apartment with balcony

Preview 7f6527db e300 45f8 b11a cf0d032dc124
16 points

I hear you all like trees falling into houses.

Preview 8164022b 5729 469a bae1 81d13513cd2a
10 points

Zoe getting her morning caffeine for zoomies.

Preview a78eeda0 33ce 43c2 90a2 099c58b5d808

Chalet Zermatt Peak, Switzerland

Preview 9b67f763 aa0e 4ab6 9bf2 867da9b6a51a
16 points

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