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He’s proud of the mess he made

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Living space converts to open-air pavilion in Healdsburg, California

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57 points

Elevated ten feet above grade, the main level of this family retreat in Whistler, Canada provides a sense of occupying the tree canopy while also floating above snowdrifts.

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33 points

My toilet setup

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24 points

Office in the Mountains

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18 points

Blue bedroom at 432 Park Avenue

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11 points

Pool cabana at a private home in Old Westbury, New York

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13 points

A beautiful minimalist living room in Tübingen, Germany

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53 points

Scandinavian and mid-century modern design inspired vacation cabin with floor to ceiling windows in Hudson Valley, upstate New York

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30 points

French Style Bedroom Table in North Dublin Ireland.

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53 points

Gothic pool house in Franklin, Tennessee

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24 points

To the royal throne

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57 points

Concrete-block walls with clerestory windows offering glimpses of the sky and treetops in an airy one-storey residence among fruit trees, Herzliya, Tel Aviv District, Israel

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58 points

What do you think? Not an professional photographer Finland 1920x1820 2018

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73 points

Rare glance inside Jennifer Aniston's classic inspired master bedroom, Los Angeles CA

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67 points

No straight lines

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50 points

Industrial Loft in Athens / Konstantinos Pittas, Greece, 2017

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50 points

Cabins in the Woods / Antonio Maciá Mateu + WOHA arquitectura, Spain, 2018

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67 points

Dark Light House / MRTN Architects, Australia, 2017

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19 points

Penthouse H / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos, Spain, 2017

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26 points

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