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Room in Singapore 🇸🇬

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12 points

Spacious living room, located in Manhattan

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18 points

Japanese open concept home in the traditional style, featuring shoji doors, paper lanterns and tatami mats.

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16 points

Living Room in a Villa in Monaco, Beausoleil

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17 points

The simple room of a little old Dutch lady living in England.

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14 points

Contemporary House w/ natural Wood, Stone & Glass perched above Coeur D’Alene Lake - Black Rock Bay, Idaho

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4 points

Reading nook under the stairs - South Hapmton, NY

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2 points

Hammam with fountains and artisanal tile work in this home in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

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3 points

This actual photo from a home listing...

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1 points

F**k, Steven! Can't you knock!

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17 points

Cozy Dining Room In Hope Ranch, CA

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10 points

Simply modern kitchen at the Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Los Angeles.

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8 points

Spacious kitchen sits beneath a sleeping loft in this home in Vermont which was modeled after a barn.

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14 points

My Outdoor Living Room On a Budget

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1 points

Multi level living room, located in São Paulo, Brazil

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2 points

When Inception strikes your office building

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1 points

Bright kitchen features a restored herringbone flooring, navy cabinetry and stark white counters in this home designed by Blakes London.

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3 points

Girl on this train was givin' me eyes the whole ride

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3 points

Rustic kitchen of Villa Lunardi, the home of Dede Pratesi of the revered luxury linens firm

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3 points

I'll see your CVS receipt and raise you Veterans Affairs Prescription Instructions

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2 points

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