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James Franco's "The Disaster Artist" Is Trolling Us With A Super Bad Trailer


The new King of Thailand

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Swedish Empire 1700s vs 2017

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"Despicable Me 3" Final Trailer Brings Back The Badass Gru!


Nazis Sci-Fi "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" Trailer Sees Hitler Riding A T-Rex


Estonia da best.

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Make FRANCE great again they said

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A Teaser Of "Spider-Man" Homecoming For Tomorrow's Official Trailer (2017)

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Watch Hugh Jackman Use All His Power To Do The Voice-Dubbing For "Logan"


Most AMAZING Micronations Around The World Might Be Near To You!

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Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara And Michael Fassbender Get Caught In Love Triangles In "Song To Song" Trailer


Yay! I could have healthcare at last!

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All the other kids....

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You know you're Polish when this is your average name...

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Make Mongolia Great Again!

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The new King of Thailand

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how america sees europe

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