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This guy tho

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81 points

EA customer service

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76 points

Mother nature dropping Jenny's number

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57 points

Gearing up for a Thursday evening alone

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63 points

Amazon users reviews keyboard!

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57 points

And Apple comes full circle

Preview 08103716 f311 44d0 af99 b6bb639a1016
55 points

Her new favorite place to rest

Preview a7839699 508b 4717 88dc 999af31d2a7d

Some say it doesn't count as a Christmas movie.

Preview fa85d1f9 212b 4f58 ba52 f566627d03a2

Mum said no

Preview 01756154 c5ff 434c a839 5ce5975436b9
38 points

Gaming on a Mac

Preview 64e757d3 379c 484c b3c7 4e1e32693414

This guy spent months courting my wife for a 3-way. We had our first meet up scheduled later that week.

Preview cbbc345c 43fe 49bb 93d1 2982dbebf3d5

I love adblock

Preview 7f1494e1 cbd2 450d 8ba4 8a81cacdf651
22 points

Heres the problem I dont give a f**k

Preview 43fa14a0 f86e 4b8d 88d3 7a62240f1046
44 points

I am here for you

Preview 2ebde56f 0729 4b8a b48e 0ba9d27841f2

There's still hope guys

Preview 3cff8bbf e8a8 472e a7f2 324494284c35
63 points

The first episode of Dragonball super in German. feel like a child again.

Preview cf9833d3 ebbc 4951 a3de cb0229e3ae69
64 points

Touché Netflix.

Preview 8914bf10 85d8 4a3d b913 fcb74c4f8802
50 points

Well apparently...

Preview a6b24cfa b999 4eb4 8fb9 26d6fea6ca9f
23 points

Can't say I expected that.

Preview cfd5a8da a274 4440 be63 746ebc9ff3d8

Oh a Home Alone Marathon.

Preview 66bf18b8 8258 4818 baa0 971c9ddb788f

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