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Party is life, party is love

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12 points

Goddammit PETA

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15 points

I take that as a challenge

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15 points

England is my city

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12 points

B*tch please

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14 points

Pic of a brother by another brother for a mother phone.

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Oh great another sensitive person who can't take a racist jo-Oh(X-Post from r/politicalhumor

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Don't use these

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22 points

Finally we know the reason

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22 points

Show vagene and bub

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19 points

It's free, includes all of Netflix's content and more, and lets you keep the files.

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10 points

Nikola Tesla predicted cellphones/smartphones in 1926. He was in 2010, while others were beating their wives senseless.

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17 points

One more time, please.

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24 points

Casual friday

Preview ad975a01 0835 42de 9fc7 22b710bc6c76
19 points

How the time flies

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24 points

What a save from our fallen brother.

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18 points

Yaaa worth it

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17 points


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16 points

An astronaut hanging out at the space bar.

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22 points

I Don't Think Jesus Has To Know

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