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Guess I’m not going to this target location.

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59 points

A few years ago i took a picture while my friend spilled his drink.

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Michigan potholes are out of control

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78 points

Parallel Parking Gone Wrong

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90 points

Just your average Tuesday in Minnesota

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97 points

Caught Marty McFly mid time jump into the future

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The most legit billboard I've ever seen.

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82 points

Must be a pun work environment!

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I'll have 6 soups please

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46 points

Seems like a trap

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117 points

What about the place where you live?

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"Huge sale. Fuck you."

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48 points

Well you aren't wrong

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My view using the help of a 130T Grove with Full Fly

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Looks like I'll have to cancel the romantic drive I planned with your mom.

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56 points

Traffic lights in Iceland spreading the love

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44 points

Just watching TV

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13 points

Traveller captured the difference between North Korea and South Korea

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140 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

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325 points

Made in Russia

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