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Found this little guy on the beach this morning- WTF?!?!

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61 points

I do not blame this man for his actions

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103 points

This Crab with a lobster tail washed up on my local beach today

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85 points

Honestly, I’m sick of it. Everyone on this sub is the same

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72 points

Found what appears to be a baby shark in one of my oysters at lunch today

Preview 194c8469 edde 48fc aec1 a8fdde0ff961
72 points

Firefly all lit up

Preview 594b35d2 8e76 45ea 9be8 dd3c78177d14

I Just Lost A Breakdancing Contest To A Log

Preview dc45458e 8aab 479c ae3e 61fe36c4228a
52 points

This is what the vascular system of a leaf looks like

Preview f1878951 fbd4 4e15 aeb7 adee489dacbb
86 points

Blue-banded bee

Preview 7363af53 7410 4b6d ab55 ad2016b05c69

Ow! That's my back!

Preview e55f3c58 3bd8 475f afb6 99526fb66b70

Repost but one of my all time favs and seasonally appropriate.

Preview 6e9cead5 720c 4ca8 a05d fa4193df1042
72 points


Preview 4d7bd82c 0332 4086 87f7 7c51b41e2660
80 points

This meat tray looks like a image of space

Preview b1621447 a2a9 4184 acaa c4f74feb0e58
80 points

My girlfriend cleaned the soda machines at the gas station she works at.

Preview 57d63819 f2f8 462a 9590 68920ffc68bc
86 points

This Pelican spider

Preview 67de13a2 7da5 43a5 bb93 6c7f4a2c5c8f
91 points

Yesterday my little sister said she was going to make a walking stick, I assumed she meant one for helping you walk, but today I found this on the front porch

Preview b4f55e34 2c59 4a53 a2ef 776fac9840ed
90 points

My squash has developed a new defense mechanism

Preview 1a846008 1e55 4af0 b895 53a724e15414
58 points

Is Arizona the new Australia?

Preview 58614de0 8e1b 4022 90ce 13effbe6f0bd
38 points

The house centipedes around here are a little ridiculous.

Preview ebcbd160 39cf 4f05 9232 bbfb163843f6
37 points

sweet little ladybug kisses

Preview 8b1a2596 43e5 4316 9a39 2777403aa44a
61 points

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