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The f*ck is this?

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4 points

Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell

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10 points

Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell

Preview 018060a6 73c8 4f58 b692 3aaafabc7c97
12 points

I need glasses

Preview c9b5d21b ef49 49a4 9dfc 5ce0fc3d5c9d
19 points

Pulled this out of my cats nose.

Preview 4ca10652 75e7 4cc9 8c63 85b5a6f413e3
84 points

Ladybug Liftoff

Preview d9d2a25c 7dce 4553 9892 b3c76d51d115

Lobster in a bucket looks like a gigantic monster on a metallic planet, and the waterdrops look like stars.

Preview 56384235 1341 4f60 adb1 099b8907e397
72 points

Found this on the beach with my sisters, whilst we were walking our two dogs.

Preview bbc28f85 7c1c 42c8 8e7c 813d84c54313
63 points

Yesterday my little sister said she was going to make a walking stick, I assumed she meant one for helping you walk, but today I found this on the front porch

Preview fec3ae0f 1af7 43b7 a9c2 b89e17090d83
68 points

Samurai approves

Preview 2b8ae91a 41d2 4fc4 9c46 6fe80c2f4cab

A golden beetle. Never seen before.

Preview 3602502e 247f 419e b601 43491bd9fc8a
15 points

Daddy, I don't want to eat my oyster...

Preview e3f1a799 b7ff 4b2f 8f23 a3eb4a3aea83
21 points

Poor Jeremy

Preview cdf1561e 407f 4c7c b31c 87fce88f3f79

My frog named Enterprise, hitting warp 7.

Preview 931fbea1 4ebf 4eea 9518 075d2d7309ef
57 points

what's this? starfish?

Preview d394c266 9446 4c28 9171 5ae9f1224c51
17 points

Whale 🐋 lice

Preview ac90c95f eabd 4bb6 bddb bf77edf58445
62 points

Shadow cast by surface tension on the wasp's legs

Preview 3ae23ff7 5499 44f7 a2f5 e10d58143917
22 points

WTF are these slugs in my garden doing?

Preview 8222bf95 ebd1 47ca bbde 67c09f449a76
21 points

Am I a Disney Princess now?

Preview 90d25e3e 495f 4146 b853 6c7411a9d154
12 points

A Little Crocodile on Hands

Preview dc711bfc 3f73 4c2b 87af b3f340a6bf52
23 points

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