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This mosquito has stolen a lot of blood

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23 points

Found a bug in my ear last night after cleaning with a water pik

Preview 50d67bfd 282a 459b 86d4 f5ffbcc4cbe1
68 points

A termite nest I uncovered inside the heartwood of an oak tree.

Preview dc6eb4db 2582 43f3 b041 02fa76db2978
98 points

An Egyptian floor mosaic depicting a dog and a knocked-over gold vessel. c. 200-100 BC

Preview e68345cf 4b19 4332 a045 48d22eecaf9f

This meteor

Preview d4223012 7b99 409b 8c87 793334543e2a
84 points

Sometimes nobody wins

Preview e88fe67f c3ac 4366 b768 73a7e244d947
88 points


Preview ccd649b4 1ef8 4233 b491 85b74a3a2e29
86 points

Kill it with fire

Preview d234596a 96fa 413f be30 af136456c030
79 points

This coconut by the sea.

Preview df3eb3f5 554b 498d a316 591567f32c21

Is that little guy doing a fist pump?

Preview 7069c293 7ba9 451d 8aec 99f26ee47ad2
107 points


Preview a7c2328d d4a7 4161 adbf a95c862578e1
115 points

Along Came a Hairclip

Preview b02ed614 1366 4aa7 b59a 37dfd42e36a9
80 points

In the days before anesthetic the Maya nobles would sometimes flatten their teeth and drill holes in the teeth to affix rocks into them.

Preview 77799c2d fe87 4f99 bf32 17fdb0148e5c
90 points

This doll we found cleaning out my MIL’s house.

Preview 8b4b77a7 acbd 4b36 ac14 5d12d2a422da
94 points

Whatever this is that rolled up on the beach

Preview c86f3134 26cf 4fad a2a9 fb5d47b1a0f2
93 points

This really got to me.

Preview fadfca34 2e1e 421b 83a3 fe624a885367
92 points

This is a cashew. I almost ate it.

Preview cd993140 a920 4fc5 a3f8 f78dc23a054a
113 points

My feelings on religion

Preview c1347e7e 29f8 4e2b a13e 545746f5e6b9
110 points

Some dirtbag stuck some gum on the washroom tiles - spent a bit of time on the lips and the quiff though

Preview fcf3af16 0a9f 443a 91f1 5a53f90988b4
104 points

W in the actual F!

Preview 7d815b16 204e 425f 972c 52144c473856
95 points

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