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This Pelican spider

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79 points

Yesterday my little sister said she was going to make a walking stick, I assumed she meant one for helping you walk, but today I found this on the front porch

Preview b4f55e34 2c59 4a53 a2ef 776fac9840ed
75 points

My squash has developed a new defense mechanism

Preview 1a846008 1e55 4af0 b895 53a724e15414
52 points

Is Arizona the new Australia?

Preview 58614de0 8e1b 4022 90ce 13effbe6f0bd
31 points

The house centipedes around here are a little ridiculous.

Preview ebcbd160 39cf 4f05 9232 bbfb163843f6
23 points

sweet little ladybug kisses

Preview 8b1a2596 43e5 4316 9a39 2777403aa44a
20 points

Firefly all lit up

Preview d794b1d3 8ad3 4969 b094 22a6c8a9f7f2

Anyone missing their dreads? I found them in Utah...

Preview 1aa7a1f9 0d99 4c03 8010 8e006574d54c
23 points

Yer a wizard, Harry

Preview 85ba26f0 799a 43f3 8ee7 808d6948b63e
21 points

Quicksand death trap

Preview 4255825a c6d9 4255 87fc 46cd2ac3fabc
54 points

Wasps are c**ts

Preview 19f815e3 0ab8 46a5 a2c0 f68c29c5360c
101 points

Anyone hungry for ootheca?

Preview 2949cf2b 985c 40cf bd9f 5de30f384811
23 points

The wallago attu catfish

Preview 1db08bf3 b341 47bc 97cf 6a5bee38506d
83 points

Originally from r/insanepeopleoffacebook

Preview c8dd634f ca98 4353 b6df e3e932da738c
24 points

Just a hermit crab with a skull shell

Preview fc13649c 2d68 4905 9ea6 31b0c6aa3f9f
19 points

How smooth this lava is

Preview b31caea2 046e 40d5 badf 801a0dd9bc26
18 points

No Regretz

Preview 364131ae d8bc 492e bc1c 5f0e503808e5
73 points

What kinda nope is this Cap?

Preview c3d7de13 0dcb 4496 908e c42a21bd5060
19 points

My friend collects bugs this is one of his favorites.

Preview cccb3626 b45b 47de bead 7512eb206344
54 points

A minute of silence for our boy..

Preview ba16bf8a 8d98 484b a7dc 381754311f62
17 points

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