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Saw a pigeon having a job interview earlier. I hope he got it.

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57 points

Every time.

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135 points


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90 points

Employee Fridge at Safeway

Preview 9ffadc34 7d45 4677 9656 4b7108a57573
65 points

Fixed IT! you forgot one

Preview 16f3f70b 4cc2 4a07 8c9b c41c1744b036
99 points

Drop it and you die of a heart attack

Preview 264dc3d8 5d4b 4fff 8b77 8a034ba9d50f
95 points

Well at least they took the time to update it? (Found at Alki)

Preview fb264b11 6092 4601 bef7 3dc3ab2070e5
148 points

Nature always wins ...

Preview 813c1192 af43 4076 9aab b78268072ed1
62 points

world's first wireless iron

Preview f9428d6c 0206 427f a1a4 7fbbc0e2139c

1900 Train Crash at Harcourt Station, Dublin

Preview af170a02 ef8a 410a 9a82 e4068a0e2cff
62 points

How do you like knives...

Preview 9b20560c 380b 4ec6 8e6e 0d11a6602374
Preview 22d84145 7157 4899 8078 5a944cc902b4
153 points

Dedicated Mother Feeding Her Wrenchlings

Preview df3137cf 4da9 4f08 a9e0 0092e62a4107
74 points

I am a true swordsman

Preview 7ea3b716 fb43 4516 a61a 5868664c8ee6
83 points

My freshly stained deck

Preview 6c83c78a fc05 48d3 ba06 7c98062cfe46
20 points

You know, just in case.

Preview 36099e59 56b2 4d07 a5ae 2cf5401b018b
96 points

The grease trap at work on a good day

Preview abf2306f 0acb 4e2a 87dd d9f07f454136
64 points

Fanciest McDonald's I've seen in my life!

Preview 5da76e3b 5e37 4e18 837d bd190a384d15
60 points

My daughter must go. Her planet needs her.

Preview 1f51bf45 4cd0 489b 83a3 6b2c4df2f7fe

Update 2: Got it running, time to start body work

Preview 10615c6c 09fa 47c8 9163 b4ce88376305
20 points

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