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This coconut by the sea.

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I only noticed days after when I was editing the photo. Paradise beach in Tulum, Mexico.

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Who else want to live here?

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I'd never try this.

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The Swiss really know how to build amazing castles, in the most awesome places!

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Now you are watching the ruins of ancient Atlantis (Greek - Santorini)

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This is where I live! Annecy in FRANCE

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Shipwreck at the tip of the Bermuda Triangle

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I modified dis...

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I took this about two months ago while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Nature at its finest

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Underwater Waterfall

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A waterfall under the sea

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Europe is beautiful

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Jesus incognito on holidays

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When the sun shines in Iceland.

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The rain in California has led to the overflow "Glory Hole" being useful for the first time in over 10 years. Last year (top) vs. yesterday

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I caught a dove mid-air in Barcelona in oct '14

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In Abu Dhabi where I'm assuming some billionaire has an entire man-made sand island with a single mansion for himself...

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