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Commas matter, people

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273 points

Dun nu... dun nu... dun nu...

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143 points

A good advice that goes both ways

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158 points

This line up is so sick

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153 points

It always happen

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163 points

Watch me!

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185 points

True story!

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232 points

Only one grape.......right....

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138 points

You can count on it

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160 points

Remember Kids on this Fourth of July

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147 points

Posted up in a coffee shop, the description is spot on

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I’d be really impressed if anyone can lift a box like this.

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Anyone remember Lamas with Hats?

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146 points

Me making Fun of vegans vs..

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We should get Samuel L. Jackson to do the voice over for this book

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111 points

This ad hits the nail on the head and made me do some soul searching. I've decided to eat my dog.

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119 points

Good morning, Madam

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178 points

Did you know???

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