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Currently Africa by Toto is winning for our graduation song and someone doesn't approve

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122 points

Huffy Potter and the Habit of Rust-oleum

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78 points

What did The Blanket say When It Fell off The Bed?

Preview e50ff386 773c 44bf 8abe 49933fd849a5
70 points

Thanks, sign!

Preview bb701fe3 a205 4eac aa41 c6709ea7c48e
80 points

The biggest crime ever!

Preview 27b81613 e431 434f b6b4 e627a981bd54
101 points

Parents make mistakes too.

Preview 93702a4b 096f 4051 b924 35b19816dd4d
116 points

Dead & alive

Preview 0edbbc40 dd4c 40b6 81f7 ae8834d02a2c
84 points

so that's why my hand smelled funny

Preview 9cadb2c1 0f3b 41dd 8702 8503cc5c40c5
106 points

In honor of National Bugs Bunny day.

Preview 5fe2e88d aa36 4baf ae7d f8bf4c27dd54
94 points

This elevator is out of service.

Preview 8f51c294 e82b 4aa0 aa16 701c38443459
83 points


Preview 1c17066d 44b8 442a b26e 31967963db8e

Science vs. Humanities degree

Preview 4618d15e 88e9 4c07 b37b 93a7eff4f99f
109 points

Clifford is an asshole!!

Preview 7530d276 7c0e 4b1d 9dd8 2aa4c7acbf94
79 points

There are two types of graffiti artist in this world..

Preview fa12cfbf 685f 4fb4 a154 d6b0be33c597
123 points

My 9 hour work day

Preview acb70d8c ef32 4953 b96e 84788136cb1c
115 points

Well, at least they're honest.

Preview b119d35d 4bcb 48f3 890c 5ae2f2f6b694
89 points

No shame 😂

Preview 298586ec cffd 4d5f 9837 11030a93a218
87 points

Wholesome graffitti

Preview 6172f484 5c0e 4e1b bd33 fb1caedb58db
75 points

Bear with me for a moment...

Preview 904e4535 a95e 4b4d b711 aaae09cd443f
77 points

"Lil Woody"

Preview eb2da751 ede3 437a baad ffca89fc634a
91 points

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