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I bet the teeth don't look that much better

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78 points

every time the weather starts to warm up those fraps start lookin goooood

Preview ff779b49 f1aa 4bdc a1aa 41d819f04e71
94 points

Popping caps and blazing happy little trees

Preview c554022d 64c9 412e a94b 9402315e9d6d
89 points

Chemically good.

Preview 58bdd3af 42ed 4710 a2df f8f96f8ebcec
104 points

Pink weekend, some inspiration for cozy days at home! http://inredningshjalpen.com/2018/03/03/pink-weekend/

Preview f5b204f5 a695 415a b90a e4cb106bed2c
61 points

Oh dear. I seem to have

Preview d5c55f36 f144 4d24 8628 b20e14b9ee52
69 points

I swear it was an accident

Preview 4402ed1e b893 4fbe aa27 fc0c5e5091c8
74 points

After a year and a half I'm finally jarring honey from my own hive - It has been one hell of a learning experience!

Preview 5d334ca5 d46e 4198 8fe3 9e2ed831fc3a
82 points

Noot noot

Preview 1e6d01ea 0d69 4453 949b 07b8fd70940f
43 points

I'm so sorry

Preview 9881fa96 4768 4d19 85b1 05e728cb88e0

Happy bday Linux!

Preview e9b48039 ae43 4bd0 b3ce 77a2db8a346b
89 points

Friend found this in a liquor store.

Preview fda4fddb f2ce 4914 a36b 42df55aae21e
51 points

Suck on deez

Preview 90484353 d03f 4694 a0e8 6325b44ccfb3
13 points

How Canadians build savings accounts

Preview 4ff8f7cc fbef 426b bca4 e04756c7924c
86 points

But you sure can...that other thing...it

Preview e9b502db 46fa 449b b423 4fb4c4cdc6ea
36 points


Preview aa7e5f99 a02b 4f9f baab 371f5d71e1f9
48 points

Eastern Europe will understand

Preview e1c1c1f1 8007 42fe 89a4 3bbbc27eaf36

The internet has ruined me.... found this at my grandmas house

Preview 4fc06967 f44e 46ac bcfd 45f4dfc06dcb
126 points

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

Preview ec01c36f eb8f 4ca2 9cd7 7aa0f36079a8
72 points

F*cking vegans

Preview dc44559e 619d 4569 b9cf ede112d3cc57
55 points

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