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A whip made from a spine.

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163 points

Not A Big Fan.

Preview 30bfe22e 05f6 4d3a a1f9 829529fa17f3
94 points

When yo girl get mad and gets ready to key your car

Preview 1c96449f 41c2 4f44 b1c9 6afb78134987
154 points

My boyfriend puts magnets on the back of twisted tea lids. I had fun while he was at work today.

Preview 21fdceb0 baca 4eed 90fe d34c089b2c92
144 points

Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Cocoon

Preview cd4b86f3 ecd0 4f5e a82e d6632405dc64
102 points

Some White tree of Gondor pendants that I made (using moonstone)

Preview e135068f 14ad 46f4 b3fa 08e100dbec1b

I found the painting of the "wtf did I just read" meme dude in Scotland!

Preview bb718c1d 8c6d 4b64 897e e19400d366be
97 points

When I'm scrolling and accidentally upvote something

Preview 28a69dba d3e2 4815 be29 955da72fac67
130 points

Baby and Adult Teeth

Preview 16d0ae97 8140 4973 9252 8fefca2f80ec
293 points

This is the slightly redesigned Trees of Valinor necklace that I made. Added "Silmarils" are labradorite gemstones. I hope you like it :)

Preview 55c876a0 bfc6 41e9 ae7e ccdb59d633ef

Ring Made From Meteorite

Preview c99f7cec 52d0 498b bfac e48037db2ffd
69 points

This ring

Preview 801bffb9 aaed 4ac3 a44e fd646c586230
80 points

Petroleum trapped in a quartz crystal

Preview 5f81a7bd d4c0 41b9 825e 0eb3ce64098a
101 points

Tired of politics so I created an owl from scrap metal

Preview 60cd9e04 321b 4f4f b876 adaad4a20719
45 points

Useful information

Preview 979c8842 5de9 48df 877b eb9cbcbc956c
160 points

Dreadlock necklace

Preview d7f813cc bc99 477c a6a7 8d109879a0b6
92 points

I got pranked on Easter | try this on your friends

Preview f6b5326d 2cf4 4095 a046 1b1bf8fbd823
145 points

Drive safely

Preview 680911f7 e83c 4a7f 8619 2db7bcc343a0
88 points

Any difference?

Preview 2551070a f5c0 420e 84a3 83c15a17aaec
193 points
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