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17,999 Pieces Later

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184 points

The Trading Floor of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1995, closed in 2017

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128 points


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118 points

Our boss’s birthday is today, he just went out for a coffee so we took over his office 🙊🤓

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237 points

How original, Cat.

Preview bb287c8f 75d9 4f27 bfb5 fd4af802de55

Nearly perfect timing. A swift at the Alhambra, Granada

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128 points

She found dads stash under the mattress

Preview 639054d8 0598 40d6 a69e c8be513cbe2c
118 points

Thanks dude. Its not like I was working on that or anything.

Preview 1f2baa10 ecf8 4e49 9274 62dce8581ee6

What is the point of a $100 dog bed except to eat it?

Preview 0b8816c2 9876 4e04 8f8f 69e5cd4a91b9

Swedish fans.

Preview 994d7de5 3521 4ef9 8311 19ba6108bb6f
126 points

It wasn’t me..

Preview 352cc5e7 ce9c 46e8 b88f f8a0f2a0d277

What is this supposed to say???

Preview 53c3ad7e a21b 42aa 9316 166a927f52a3
145 points

New York vs Boston

Preview 60c79226 79e4 4f9b acdb 9f2ecc4bd84f
151 points

Around 80 plastic bags lined the floor of an operating room in Thailand last week after they were pulled from the stomach of a pilot whale found stranded on a beach

Preview e433826c fc63 47f4 8f23 c319f6b6f140
121 points

My yard is a toilet

Preview bcf3c3a4 79c0 4c1d b998 81697d0db2a2
110 points

Shitty way to start your work day...

Preview 19b83edf 8799 4b51 8846 479b3e0e4b20
108 points

This crazy letter we got today at the shop I work at

Preview bbc62f7c ef5a 4981 beff ee8e23ed6250
94 points

This crazy letter we got today at the shop I work at

Preview cc41489c 8e8d 4bc1 bcbe a4d916b91616
79 points

My friend works for a hot tub company, the CEO was friends with Leslie Nielsen

Preview 8837e9fa 7d18 459c 82ec 3170c39ca136
128 points

Imagine seeing this out of your window,like a scene from The Birds By Alfred Hitchcock

Preview d0171617 4851 4181 83cb 6f84ef1552d2
121 points

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