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Why Russia hates Germany

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68 points

Heavy metal,, nope Finland national curling team.

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"Hey Bill, what are you up to this weekend?"

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60 points

Waffle House

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81 points

We the forgotten lol

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72 points

Stopping by the Home Depot before fighting evil.

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85 points

Kumail Nanjiani got no chill

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132 points

This sun giving a shoulder rub to this navy officer.

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60 points

Hate it when people don't listen to my stories

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48 points

When your love is strong

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103 points

Only broke people understand

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46 points

Quality journalism

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114 points

He seems like a pretty good dad.

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87 points

Prank calling places and letting them know we quit.

70 points

Police nowdays

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72 points

Oh george

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44 points

When its awkward to view in front of the people! I'm getting one.

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145 points

Taxi Driver Prank Call

14 points

First Day at New Job


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