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Baby delivery - the old fashioned way

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I can smile too!

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ICarly growns up.

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91 points

"Fofão", Brazilian kids show character from the 80s

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107 points

*Freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here.

Preview ce4f9d5a 31d6 4a2e bca5 d0434a5d15f3
110 points

Duke's football coach David Cutcliffe gets a Gatorade bath

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cute baby

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43 points

Delivery accepted

Preview b4b041f2 829b 44b1 aff8 e8ef6be2c05f
52 points

My mother caught this picture as my brother jumped into a lake

Preview 959c4c33 40d6 4936 9b22 b6b1eb251dfc

Jumping off the edge

Preview f807a7e1 2f32 4fdc 87fc b1e3cb78e182

Creepy ass letter my wife got today.

Preview 472d561a d12b 4e1f 82da 7948207a6c30
73 points

LESBIANS?? I would LOVE to have one of these!

Preview ecc7dc65 d89c 4fea 8a0e 754729f4e324
108 points

And we are as happy as can be!!!

Preview 70502a55 d778 4f51 9a7e 4a9b09608237
60 points

A photographer took pictures of people before and after calling them beautiful

Preview 14e4b92b 73d0 4297 ba1b 0df5b50fccbe
209 points

30+ Mother-Daughter Duos Who Look Like Twins

Preview c26be3e3 5622 49ff aea1 6666563bb803
47 points

My wife thinks buying my son an orange coat may not have been a good idea...

Preview e6c42ace ae86 4d03 86ae fb0519046aae
62 points

Maybe I can get a mother daughter 3 some?

Preview bceef60b 1d36 45b6 9575 bb1f7c661537
16 points

Young cancer sufferers reunite to recreate viral portrait

Preview 04be9cc7 bb80 4f0b baa0 c9a9d2d2cd13
522 points

James Fridman who amused the internet by taking Twitter users' Photoshop requests VERY literally releases another batch of hilariously

Preview 5e1e3e9d f5ff 4020 9984 3764280c3d0a
99 points

The original Success Kid picture was 10 years ago today.

Preview 75a73380 ae20 42a9 8335 886558a230e2
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