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Playing with settings on my new camera and got the clock mid switch

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Nose ring attached to keys

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The tag on our doggo that my wife made for her

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82 points

First Disneyland admission ticket ever sold

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20 points

My neighbor has this doormat, I think it is my responsibility to mess with them by making a planchette and changing the letter daily, and wonder if they notice!

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85 points

An astronaut hanging out at the space bar.

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97 points

I guess it was fate...

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115 points

Ducky pocket, the new calculator made by Ducky (with mechanical and RGB keys)

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10 points

Took it out of the package and saw this

Preview b2986520 af0d 4ad0 bad7 c75a49a0852e
162 points

Oh, the irony.

Preview ca88f4b9 b913 403a adb2 5e3a3cd0b5fd
11 points

I'm a french gamer

Preview f4ec54ee 0c83 4c34 baba 9ba7a87f7025
10 points

I hope there's a special place in hell for the people responsible for those keyboard layouts

Preview 17b1083a d6cd 4800 8b43 8fb19f22ec71
80 points

13 Must Know Survival Hacks

343 points

Who can relate to this?

Preview b110d16e d0e8 490b 8642 4c7e8493c26b
143 points


Preview 3747545c e374 4bb2 a89f 14bf068bd4f5
158 points

Only those who have a huge brain can decode these letters

Preview ea4dc673 b711 440a 9478 e5cbf8efd789
235 points

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