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I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy seals

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68 points

The size of this moth

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81 points

you the future

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121 points

And we peaked at fax machines, no?

Preview 5c1fc833 8cdf 4f09 9d11 a5d89bd68cd7
88 points

When you have a big print job and your printer is cursed...

Preview 57debca2 b994 473c 8b4a 6767bb41f2e0

How the little brother names the Netflix

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109 points

Sadly it is true

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108 points

Vandalizing an iStore

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74 points

It's uh. It's taxidermy. I'm sorry in advance. More of this man's glory in post.

Preview c9aab075 713c 425e a8ce bcec8c4945c6
84 points

"Oh, shit"

Preview fe8ac1e4 203d 4447 90c1 23e1ffd76271

No thanks, I don't think I'm in the mood for that right now..

Preview c20130d3 3ec0 4cc2 bb47 0623d0063fe0
87 points

Credit card chip reader in a head shop

Preview 7be98130 6fb3 4f74 a404 b81c3b7db9b5
71 points

One of my most favourite reviews on Amazon

Preview dc29b485 73c0 4209 b6e1 c3fbccc8190d
105 points

Paradise by the laptop light.. Blackfly season in Downeast Maine

Preview 92c8e76b f81e 4762 afd9 7a8abe8ea628
102 points

Paradise by the Laptop Light..

Preview e13bd157 30ef 4581 bf75 deab2224c816
56 points

Caught this today

Preview 7d0f65c0 25d5 40a9 a434 4062e5272053

I work the overnight shift at a gas station. Nearly shit my pants when I went out to my car at 4 am to go home and saw this.

Preview a203c8aa dd19 4484 87cf 5a473cdd98c8
122 points

This Elevator.

Preview 3e0e732a 73dc 427b 925c 9c2d65d98d8b
91 points


Preview 9d668feb bd79 43d6 a258 0672d816ae12
51 points

The lint I picked out of a keyboard at work

Preview 6392a3c6 aa78 4855 b35a f2b310b05785
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