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"Oh, shit"

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No thanks, I don't think I'm in the mood for that right now..

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83 points

Credit card chip reader in a head shop

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64 points

One of my most favourite reviews on Amazon

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88 points

Paradise by the laptop light.. Blackfly season in Downeast Maine

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98 points

Paradise by the Laptop Light..

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52 points

Caught this today

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I work the overnight shift at a gas station. Nearly shit my pants when I went out to my car at 4 am to go home and saw this.

Preview a203c8aa dd19 4484 87cf 5a473cdd98c8
115 points

This Elevator.

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86 points


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21 points

The lint I picked out of a keyboard at work

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21 points

The rise of the machines

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119 points

Modern parenting

Preview 0aab4a44 4b1d 4182 a0b8 d2ff204ff88e
52 points

First Disneyland admission ticket ever sold

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49 points

How to prioritize

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39 points

That's okay. I don't really need to be able to see to play this game.

Preview 6cd4a962 261c 426f a03c ca30b74deca2

um, never mind. I'm not hungry.

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57 points


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51 points

/u/whitetrashpoolparty's collection of prosthetic eyes.

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21 points


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