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So... I've remodelled and applied a lot of the critiques from the previous post - New Render

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7 points

Es Garbí / Nook Architects, Spain, 2017

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5 points

Thornbury House / BENT Architecture, Australia, 2016

Preview 49b20f5b 5d48 438a bebe 1e7fbe129b06
4 points

Granny wants you to bathe in her milk while she watches.

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14 points

New to Reddit, This is one of my recent renders

Preview cee6aff0 f4ba 4c62 a506 f8671e0ec844
15 points

Woman lol

Preview 4ca6abcb 4bc9 4d64 8cf8 6b1e32a17da1
44 points

Remodelled industrial kitchen in Antwerp, Belgium

Preview bba7cc5a bb74 4624 aff3 8ceb202e8a21
16 points

Nice sunny kitchen with cats

Preview a1eb0c00 c55e 4f8f a8a4 07aa493dcf24
50 points

Brighton East Interior / Dan Gayfer Design , Australia, 2014

Preview a62ecfbc 3045 4175 84be 4b06a1b6fc08
52 points

Warm industrial loft in Santa Monica, CA

Preview b1c694ec 7538 4392 a4f1 baacc6d95804
65 points

Atelier_142 / Atelier Wilda , France, 2017

Preview 68850247 5e38 4d08 8441 27002cd7c093
71 points

Huge rolling shutters shade this modern Pennsylvania farmhouse.

Preview 99d33dfb 9305 4a79 ad3d 448ae55fe0b5
51 points

Greenhouse style kitchen in a renovated farmhouse located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Preview b01db449 b17e 4565 82b8 3bb42acadac3
19 points

Open concept dining/living space featuring open shelving and concrete waterfall attached table in Kansas City

Preview 3499fd25 39d9 40d3 9350 f15f68854750
54 points

DC Rowhouse Kitchen

Preview fca61c3f 560f 4471 bfca e5d3f6526c31
63 points

Brand new kitchen in Aspen, CO

Preview 31e8214a 5354 443a bdd8 b8922f4cd4a9
23 points

Monochrome living space in a flat in an overhauled Edwardian building, London, UK

Preview 74791b8f dd20 478f 955e b93fe894eecb
55 points

Canyon Barn / mw|works architecture + design, United States, 2018

Preview 09ce707b fe28 4df2 8dba d626995cf18d
21 points

This bright and airy church conversion in Chicago, IL features 25-foot ceilings with exposed beams.

Preview c024fef2 27d6 497a a642 3bb8b30c8f42
48 points

Melbourne Loft Kitchen

Preview 915cd6fb 2295 4813 ba36 f59121438b66
16 points

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