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Kitchen in a Bel Air house designed by John Pawson

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Minimalistic house that brings the outside in. Fujieda, Japan

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Spacious kitchen with drop bronze soffits beneath the vaulted ceiling and a large marble backsplash in this home located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

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Cozy Kitchen

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They ALMOST completed the ladder to the food before they got caught.

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Kitchen in a penthouse at 432 Park Ave in Manhattan .

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Kitchen remodel in a historic mansion in Indiana

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Open kitchen with a vaulted ceiling and large central wooden island in this home in Big Cedar Lake, Wisconsin.

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A grey kitchen in Stockholm

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Visited my best friend's dad today. He told us he's been in a downward spiral since his divorce, and he doesn't understand why he can't stop hoarding things. Neither of us expected this.

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Remodeled mid-century home in Washington features a vaulted ceiling with an exposed ridge beam and skylights.

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This designer kitchen

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Eclectically styled kitchen in Stockholm

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Industrial loft, kitchen

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Lake house kitchen remodel in Vermont

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A modest kitchen in this humble Southampton, NY home

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This water reached hot anyway

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5 Top Funny Pranks


Warm kitchen features a pleasing blend of white and natural wood colors and includes a small wood fireplace in this home outside of Natchez, Mississippi.

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