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63.02° / Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects, Japan, 2009

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69 points

The International Sterling from Airstream

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76 points

Trout Lake House / Olson Kundig , United States, 2016

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51 points

House in Nishimatsugaoka / Arbol Design, Japan, 2017

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56 points

Renovated kitchen in Seattle

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86 points

Shaker kitchen with panoramic bifold windows

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67 points

Rustic country kitchen

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53 points

Kitchen features a custom ceiling with exposed joists and a skylight together with wooden accents made from reclaimed wood in this home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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51 points

Miralta House / Vasco Lopes Arquitetura, Brazil, 2017

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57 points

Logan Certified / moss Design, Chicago, 2017

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61 points

New kitchen design, happy Easter!!

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62 points

Bathroom in Manhattan home

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79 points

My Caesarstone Mink fabricated island design I hope you like it :)

Preview 8bdeb5c6 37bf 47b6 a2f6 ef8235d9a444
85 points

Bright kitchen with restored hardwood floors and board and batten paneling in this renovated home outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Preview 30d9b9a6 520d 4692 b37e 82ac9623ea95
34 points

So... I've remodelled and applied a lot of the critiques from the previous post - New Render

Preview c514b371 f88d 4726 8b18 764321cb37d0
73 points

Es Garbí / Nook Architects, Spain, 2017

Preview 8e2656ac eaaf 4b5c 8cdd 7d1666ddfed2
56 points

Thornbury House / BENT Architecture, Australia, 2016

Preview 49b20f5b 5d48 438a bebe 1e7fbe129b06
70 points

Granny wants you to bathe in her milk while she watches.

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88 points

New to Reddit, This is one of my recent renders

Preview cee6aff0 f4ba 4c62 a506 f8671e0ec844
62 points

Woman lol

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68 points

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