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My GF left this in the bathroom since we were hosting a dinner party and our kittens were acting up.

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No Fishing off the Pier

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Human Peep

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146 points

My dad's shop microwave display is full of bugs because of the clock's backlight

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112 points

I organized my medicine cabinet today. Help me:

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101 points

Seen this in the washroom at doctors office lol

Preview dc81e1c7 ef5f 4b13 94dc 3a226e2816eb

So my wife bought a decorative sign for our kitchen.

Preview d7f8ea24 9ecf 404c a703 af9295713737
147 points

Nothing stops a good BBQ in Houston!

Preview 157eba2e f343 4606 bdba a19b764bc15f
102 points

Hot Dogs

Preview 27c31989 8485 48f8 82c2 c517152e549d
103 points
Preview a09436b8 2fd3 4425 b438 1f8891a7a9be
103 points

Who actually looks like this

Preview 1bfa1f6f 1b89 43e2 b4bd 719c1dc2c7cf
24 points


Preview 810f0a06 62bc 4f63 81a8 44094c78512d
105 points

Creepy Story #1!

Preview 59a66a24 6391 422d b71b 8fed061e0ede
20 points

Found this makeshift torture device out by a pool I was opening

Preview 08108941 93f7 499a 9716 eb0c0279e33c
24 points

Sometimes it's hard to be mad

Preview 054fae0b fe33 4b0d 81f9 d80a35fe5855
115 points

I was at a buddies house, and I needed to go to the bathroom. I found this in his sink.

Preview ccc9d28a f9a3 4ba6 8806 0c5f45c87946
130 points

Sign inside an elevator.

Preview 0c6a8e29 b3bb 4a5c add2 527a20cbb7a4
106 points

My toast popped and landed perfectly on the toaster

Preview 68e3157c adf3 4639 bb96 6b75ed8784de
24 points

U wot bruh

Preview ea84cad3 50e3 4701 bb74 e4c69661448e
110 points

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