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Smokey sneezed himself scared.

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46 points

We need to talk about your hair style

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82 points

Why did you stop petting me?

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39 points


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18 points

Can I please have my highlighter back?

Preview e123e4d3 c1c1 4be3 9007 d6a99803f3de

I like my coffee like I like my...

Preview 4a5e589f 3109 4fc6 96d2 1a3d20c13542
64 points

A couple of farm kitties with a farm startle

Preview 116263d4 20ad 415f 8aba f914d9236719
132 points

The power of Christ compels you!

Preview a0c7678d 571b 484c 98d7 8c4180dadbde
63 points

She said no...

Preview 6472f139 d282 41cf 9549 5addfe7773e7

My cat british shorthair Ile loves bird nest or is this cat nest.😁

Preview 55de045b 9864 4cad b1e9 f04df9884a45

"Move along...this does not concern you."

Preview 2e287e06 4ab4 4f72 a28d fd8e5d43b703
140 points

When cheese and crackers gets dangerous

Preview 95c796e5 3482 4897 bd22 c4ee3c48c1b2
116 points

Dingo Viciously Mauled by Lion

Preview 425295b3 4ad7 4b1d 93ce cf809d82996c

Beans is going to shit in someone’s shoe

Preview c9a107b9 0941 476b aa63 f16b9ef91914

Jerk won't let the dog have his ball back

Preview 16fb0b11 ed01 47ef 93d4 67041982f618


Preview 34d9fa6c d14b 428f b941 3f9d5d100769
162 points

She was there first, but I don't think he cares.

Preview 3e43a826 0592 48e6 8b0c cd4a1f807da0

Liquids take shape of their containers

Preview 57477b81 f487 43f8 ad6f 5ffadfb9803f
190 points

He loves butt scritches

Preview d145a714 6c72 4624 88f4 80a3f9d2c0cf

I asked them who pooped next to my bed and I think I have the answer.

Preview 5ff5b670 d576 43a1 8809 49a3a58d224d

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