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My kitten Sullivan is very interested in what you've got to say. Please, continue...

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When Cat & Monkey Play Together


Hi, I'm Egg.

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Merlin doesn't care that I want to watch TV.

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No idea what I interrupted here...

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Daisy doesn't like being picked up

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77 points

Pet me, hoomans

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Meet Coco

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He is my very first kitty and he just died a couple days ago. He took my whole heart with him.

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Cats and homework ;)

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This is none of your business. Keep scrolling...

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What would you name him?

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Cutest father-son picture I've ever seen.

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Cat Swan Dives Into Wine Bag Is Stupidly Funny

194 points

Caption this ...

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Adorable Adoptable Kittens From Iceland's Reality Show "Keeping Up With the Catdashians" Will Cheer You Up


Eat love

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74 points

Tiny Tiger

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It wasn't me, I swear

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