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Trash Cat is in a predicament

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75 points

I just wanted a picture of them cuddling nicely together....

Preview d0950b8c 6fd3 4749 a47e df382b650ee3

Another cat farted

Preview f177cfd9 5f22 4f86 8622 1f509f43a1d3
63 points

When the selfie camera turns on by mistake

Preview c93b6eda e6bb 4570 b1f1 12754619ae42
81 points

Our cat blocks the stairs to get some attention

Preview 0dc993d6 ac30 4818 a720 2c8caa95c188

C'mon, I said a nice smile.

Preview 9ce24514 13e2 4d4d bbb1 ac2916dbb5d1
67 points

This little devil decided to run off with my pop tart and then mean mug me when I chased her down and got it out of her mouth.

Preview 565a4979 4751 41af 960c adf4526e14b9

Dog or Dogn't?

Preview 1f9fb310 3c1f 492d 82dd 09c849ff6720
84 points

Mild startle, he knocked the blinds down.

Preview 092d8edb 2bc1 4eea a4ce 820037b2bfe9
72 points

Pee-Wee Herman on the telly

Preview 57249d0b 154c 4399 8ee0 57d6af0cce76
63 points

My cat wasn't ready for that photo

Preview 8ce5a5c0 b81b 4f6a a192 ea8bc2bcb44b
48 points

I caught him in the act of destroying a board game

Preview ae419b8c ddd8 4dfc 9ea7 734228db2a07
57 points

Get this camera out of my face!

Preview 5c44cc94 733a 47cb 9465 09c511156b4e
58 points

Kramer face

Preview 6c3c6511 439b 435a 8581 1545f4e4d60c
37 points

Hey you guys

Preview 4c0c892c 084e 4df2 895e 271a9647753f
63 points

Olivia doesn't like carpentry

Preview 93204740 1701 47bc 91c4 9281d398de67
123 points

I guess I’ll just fail my test then.

Preview 093997eb 3284 4240 850c 2379f551481f

Guess I no longer own those slippers...

Preview e735c8a4 04f9 46ad 97cf 54de023489fd

"Oh, can I taste?"

Preview 022d95c1 3ca1 423a 8f04 ca5ebd256e1b


Preview 4e79a5d2 4da1 4c3c 8b2c eb528cfab9b3
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