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What IS that miraculous contraption, mum?

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16 points

Sir Valence Cat

Preview 82ed9c79 b7e3 4d5b b361 38f17fa3b9ec
83 points

Cate love

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12 points


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9 points

Pumbaa heard a motorcycle go by outside

Preview 04fc39b4 ad61 4c8d 9402 33baa4eeb577

I wish I could experience viewing this clip for the first time again


5 Minutes Into Cateflix-N-Chill And She Give You This Look

Preview 10a5e706 2139 4f23 b127 5f174222466e
4 points

Went out for a quick snack and forgot to buy him a toy.

Preview c13c4cb2 8be9 49a0 b1a1 9c4105478d91

The Eternally Startled Cat

Preview d090dcf8 db93 4bb1 bb22 0c084a2cd19b

Cinnamon roll cat

Preview 469fbcea 93a5 440e b62f 04c562fc052f

Not a 'cate person' but look at this Mother*$#^r in all its glory..

Preview 30853172 ba96 418b aee7 90073f2eb853

My cat is practically begging to be memified

Preview cf70b515 f704 42c1 875d 952d24c0f7ec

Wise cat is wise...

Preview b7416ed8 9f3a 4bab 811b 98f034026352

Something's in my bed!


More photogenic than most people! Love this cat :D

Preview 7f0b17c0 c83f 4c49 9aa5 612376d5aafb

This cutie kitten is my new friend.

Preview f59f73a3 724c 44c8 804d 88d3ba966715

Not sure if bunny or kitty :)

Preview 05d768eb 2030 45a9 9f19 f76c0f0fe6fb

Spock's reaction to a bird hitting the window

Preview 953c5891 2ab1 4ec3 905e 7f62f4d1c6b9

Are you looking at me?

Preview 9e814727 8862 4f93 88d3 28621f3e6548

French import, one of the best decisions ever !

Preview 72a585c0 5c79 49b5 be82 67078bf4b361

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