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Guy tries to take camera and backpack from 2 freerunners and had a knife.


Vegan Protest Prank

24 points

My hand vs thin glass window

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73 points

Or any cancer song

Preview 14313928 c3bb 4498 ac45 a99ab7de1124
92 points

Perfect snapshot of a squirt of ketchup

Preview 553d9e57 1d95 40d1 922d faebbbfded7e

Being Unique

Preview 4decf94f 4863 4bd2 9d3a 0aa35ea7ceae
59 points

You're developing spikes on your back Harry!

Preview c85e0dba 5321 48b9 9291 7ae6fbe7d6bd
67 points

Pretty accurate

Preview a4bf0726 b9df 4ec1 8844 a46fba801074
81 points

Status: Single...

Preview 1349a20f 5552 4453 ad30 65c29e42110d
101 points

Violin cake.

Preview a3b1d4b6 a31b 4c0c b396 d997d5c0725d
114 points

Does this not look like Jimi Hendrix appeared to my friend on his hamburger placemat?

Preview 94a0d752 b66b 43a0 ae14 46a9526c478c
72 points

Replaced our forks with silver cocktail forks. Roommate thought they shrunk in the dishwasher.

Preview 3d5a0f68 443e 4a27 acce 0d594dbea6de
67 points

iPhone X exploded while playing on it

65 points

I Guess I Wasn't Alone

Preview 4141fb38 8175 41e8 a370 22b14222dd0e
114 points


Preview 1c311c3b cb6d 443e 95e0 72c368f81a35
80 points

This is how a French spy hide his knife

Preview 2626169a 7176 44e0 bec0 f9901aedd29c
64 points

Walking the Knife Edge on Mt. Katahdin


Burning Axe Killer Clown Prank!

93 points

I am a true swordsman

Preview 7ea3b716 fb43 4516 a61a 5868664c8ee6
87 points

This candle is usually found right next to a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign.

Preview 0a8993d2 2190 443e bca9 b51b4878bde8
52 points

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