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I Guess I Wasn't Alone

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This is how a French spy hide his knife

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Walking the Knife Edge on Mt. Katahdin


Burning Axe Killer Clown Prank!

16 points

I am a true swordsman

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This candle is usually found right next to a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign.

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A Gunblade...

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Back up off my bagel, bro

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Monster Chef

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Stabilization hole

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Worst Killer Clown Pranks Compilation 2017

20 points

This is proven to work

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90 points

Could not resist trying to edit this one, for Tutatis!

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190 points

Cutting Acrylic, Plastic And Wood Using A Blade Made Of Paper Is Amazing To Watch

562 points

Be careful cooking

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Helpful tip

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In soviet Russia, we cut knive with our sausages

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So much pain in one picture

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This takeout spork has a toothpick in the handle.

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