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The Globglogabgalab prank calls

22 points

What a selfless guy

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109 points

Movies to show your kids

Preview de9f09f5 bafe 475f a57e 7596d5971ff8
111 points

The home library of a retired Johns Hopkins professor

Preview 199ec8ed c987 45dd 9afb f16b962f82d6
54 points

No need to check this book out to learn what I need to know about Australian Shepherds

Preview 9ac340f1 3f2d 4d08 8012 fa36393b4bfb

A letter by Eminem to Afeni Shakur (Tupacs mom)

Preview b540d23a e618 44f4 a793 d346d5e4cc7e
78 points

Guess I'm stayin' inside then...

Preview 93087074 3ab7 4357 8e7a be799dd1758d
124 points

Hit it and quit it? More like...

Preview 92498c26 0b73 4bd5 8ac1 b073ddb2971b
81 points

How a log is cut into lumber

Preview 40793542 9d4f 48be 8955 49c7b3d57b62
22 points

How a log is cut into lumber

Preview 09535070 b760 404a b9fc ebaef07288f6
30 points

How a log is cut into lumber

Preview 92a7550a dcb2 40a0 b447 c224fd9cc3fd
52 points

So much WTF!

Preview eb11ebde de62 4a43 ade7 e32ba7687b10
62 points

Assailant..."slipped and fell"

Preview 681a4763 029e 4891 a51a 6fbe667481c4
80 points

Apartments in Hong Kong

Preview 4bb72eea fca3 41d4 bee8 6c090448384b
68 points

You Matter (From meme stash)

Preview 82e9c133 f0bc 48e5 9862 4e4fcb2592dc
86 points
Preview 44589c72 eb53 4c50 9405 cd1f99bda3c2
179 points

Dammit Jamal everytime!

Preview ece19933 395d 438b bd6f 9c14a5c7ceaa
22 points

Oh sweet sweet karma how I have missed your embrace

Preview 36f0197e 55ce 4327 9c67 e74cc54d3319
65 points

Words that aren't in the dictionary but still make logical sense...

Preview a9b0ea84 f375 4eb8 b8a9 5d42b07016d4
144 points
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