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The greatest chew toy of all time.

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105 points

These jerks ran full force into my knee while I was picking up their poop, they dislocated my knee cap and tore a ligament.

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Snuggle Buddies For Life

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73 points

Got it mid blink

Preview 1b9de76e 88eb 479a a764 1eff9f026ddf

I think somebody needs to be told who the good boy is

Preview 975bf50c 7015 4b42 a303 ca0a2507ca6a
15 points

My friend wanted a dog so he went and adopted Hank. He is a little different.

Preview 759b45bf edcc 4faf 84da 6079fcd6f02c
15 points

Friends are important

Preview cc3f355f 12ff 4d1a bc50 ba8375c5e9eb
23 points

Hang in there buddy

Preview ee700a15 3161 48b8 93e2 7d83f4772bcf
51 points

Ever been this high?

Preview 1a45b66e d93a 4d11 a8a6 5a2b02ce85e4
16 points

They fell asleep while they was fighting for the tennis ball

Preview 167f5a77 7584 42db b47f c310a4ba09c1
17 points

After 9 years of being with us, my 16 year old lab-cross passed away today. She nibbled my fingers through the cage of the shelter cubicle a

Preview 82b59d8b 5476 4b3e 96d3 4d948aeb1e78
56 points

Vanta Black Lab

Preview 4a129719 e39c 4975 bcef 3695f0945c0e
18 points

Waiting for treats like

Preview e902d54a 2727 4679 9398 16f25486dc2a
68 points

man's best friend.

Preview cc7afe47 95c0 4bfe 9914 c60b5eae0727
69 points

My dog vs. other dogs

Preview e3ff2975 e1e8 4876 9c3b 431d952561b4
24 points

Cookies for all of us!

Preview 1b72b4e5 14b3 4b6e 95a2 76d30c028f39
23 points

Only car guys will understand

Preview 473807c2 0921 45c4 afbd 91427ee9872d
245 points

I think I'd adopt the meth lab

Preview cf111ccb 4332 4369 a428 33b7537d0b58
191 points

Spent $70 on a dog bed but she prefers a $5 laundry basket full of clean clothes

Preview 18d9e84a e8f1 49dc ae08 d22c5bf44873

I mean I always thought he was a good boy but jeez

Preview a874f886 407d 4548 be95 7871103851ef
176 points

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