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My perfect outfit

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175 points

Feast your eyes on such dazzle!

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78 points

my brother found a mysterious old poem in our garden

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108 points

Hello hooman

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Vet removes 21 pacifiers from dogs stomach

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Friend on Facebook posted this today. Her gum wad collection, 7 years in the making.

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115 points

The coolest hospital logo I have ever seen

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107 points

Went bowling with my brother today. He asks for the biggest size they have, and the counter guy's response was "I knew this day would come, we've been waiting for you."

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130 points

Track me not

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97 points

This picture on the back of a book about slums in my university library that features a child sized doll with no explanation

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123 points

100% me.

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10 year old brother has been saving up for months to buy new sneakers. He's a size 4. They came yesterday in a toddlers size 4. I thought it was funny

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109 points

Take off...

Preview b8d17f15 63ce 47d2 820d 5625b6159a07
191 points

Sketches shoes for pervs

Preview 3770d4be 2849 4b0c 85d1 90a310383448
104 points

This gives an entire new meaning to the word footwear.

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177 points

‘Shoe-Shi’ Chef’s Delicate Creations Inspired By Pop Culture & Streetwear Brands

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125 points

Made this for my gf. Hope she likes it

Preview 757f2e69 9c4b 4405 9aa0 b5483fd0f2b4

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