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Jacqueline Jossa

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Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in Frozen, had to be Elsa for Halloween, because her daughter made her do it.

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Ads are not getting smarter

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Feels like Monday

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Tifa's ready to kick some ass

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Kim Taeyeon

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No eyes are prettier than the Slavic eyes.

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Pretty Blonde Girl

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Life gave you lemons

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That look

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Your best bro in childhood (in Thailand)

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Woman on train tracks


What I want


Amber Heard's 1st day of shooting as Mera in Aquaman.

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Anna Nystrom

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Woman dies after mattress she was riding on flew off top of car traveling down highway. 2016 Darwin Award Winner

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Natalie Dormer

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Japanese fetish design brand releases Chinese Dress School Swimming Costumes

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