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Scottish Highlands

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Caught bread-handed

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Last day of August!

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7 points

Reach for the Sky

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13 points

The algae line on this gator

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11 points

Rakotzbrücke, Rhododendronpark, Germany

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Found a dead cow in our pond today. We did not have a cow.

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12 points

Făgăraș mountains

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16 points

Camping two weeks ago in Banff, Alberta. Nature in all its glory.

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15 points

My friend is an amateur photographer. Please show him some love.

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9 points

A rare event occured today where all 17 of the earths moons were visible. such beauty!

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12 points

First one on the water today

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10 points

Accidental Timing Is Perfect Timing

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Love birds

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Life Goals

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18 points

Wakeboarding behind an empty motorboat.


Old video, but sphincter-tightening none the less


Now you can finally get sound in gifs

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3 points

My grandmothers lake in Indiana she had made almost 40 years ago. Was the most peaceful and quiet place I've ever known.

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6 points

Early morning moonset

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