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I captured the sunset while I was in the canoe.

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18 points

Canadian Sunset

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12 points

The Swiss really know how to build amazing castles, in the most awesome places!

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18 points

A picture that I took from Valkeakoski, Finland.

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10 points

On a cycling route from Belgium to the Netherlands

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16 points

Twilight in Helsinki

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12 points

Took this photo tonight in Northern Ontario

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14 points

Butrint, Albania

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People from Florida be like:

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13 points

I hiked alone all day, ran away from two moose, and took a picture of the most amazing view from the summit. Alta, Utah, USA

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19 points

Ladies and gentlemen, my hometown - Jajce

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R.I.P. Fox

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90 points

The Moment My Older Brother Fell Into The Lake. Taken by My Sister-in-Law. X-POST r/pics

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Wallpaper 1.0

Preview 404fcbc2 d069 4439 a27e beaf00f5ae3c

Lake Bled, Slovenia

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15 points

Mirror lake, New Zealand

Preview eccbbece 4d92 43ce a330 e0b77e4ea5cb
15 points

Iowa surprises me every once in awhile

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11 points

The Moment a Redditor's Older Brother Fell Into The Lake. Taken by Their Sister-in-Law.

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14 points

Italy is not only pizza and spaghetti

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