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Open airy apartment in Stockholm

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12 points

Luxury dining room

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6 points

My smoke detector caught on fire

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10 points

Bobertz House, San Diego, CA, USA

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12 points

Modern living room on a mountainside in Whitefish, Montana.

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13 points

Dramatic bedroom features a free-standing tub and a walk-in shower behind the bed in this loft in Budapest.

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59 points

Remodel of 50's bungalow in Austin, Texas full of natural daylight - before photo in comments

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8 points

We gave my friend's living room a bit of colour.

Preview 8741cc1c c976 42f8 a7ce d5e50e4ac2db

Living area in a converted barn features polished concrete floors and dual garage doors to allow for airflow in this home in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Preview d4e0fcba 23c0 4deb b510 9f38009105c9
14 points

Green accents, a hand painted willow mural, and huge windows in an apartment on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

Preview 435acaa1 d186 4b8a 8880 77cf62d292b8
11 points

Scandinavian style attic apartment uses and open plan design with a vaulted ceiling and exposed joists.

Preview 9e32472b 29fb 4cdb a34a bebc9f5feafe
10 points

When I see the first question on my chemistry exam

Preview 08caba9e 4f3d 41a7 aee6 c4a327876efe
1 points

Freixo Palace, Porto, Portugal. Furnished and designed by Stylish Club.

Preview c974152f 94dc 4c0d 9a42 7bddd032907a
2 points

Awesome studio in Washington D.C.

Preview 6939d247 6bd4 4acf 999e 6aaf4d768a13
4 points

Small Swedish apartment with a lovely retro feel

Preview 8ff94371 a788 4c22 b3d2 ad228167abb1
4 points

Lounge area in a former vault of the Midland Bank in London, now the Ned Hotel.

Preview 1f932c87 31ec 4d26 afa4 cecbd4ea881d
9 points

Open studio loft apartment design features large skylight and windows in Amsterdam.

Preview 5004f028 c34a 4178 84a0 d297d26972f8
4 points

Kitchenette with plenty of natural light, located in São Paulo, Brazil

Preview 5b7c13cf fc06 436e 9ecd f7e0326e599e
7 points

Colorful living room, located in Asia District, Peru

Preview d207c106 2949 4361 a855 da7f257757f2
3 points

A Luxury Living Room Decor Style For New Couple, Los Angeles, California.

Preview a5e78af5 6fd3 48f9 998a 8a335e1a7d7c
3 points

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