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Top floor Berlin apartment with balcony

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13 points

Zoe getting her morning caffeine for zoomies.

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Bedroom with slanted glass ceiling,

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10 points

Sophisticated Bedroom - Berkeley, CA

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18 points

Blue views from an oceanfront estate, La Jolla Shores, CA

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16 points

Nothing too spectacular, but our bedroom is starting to feel really cozy!

Preview 2c6a5755 a94d 4fa6 a88d 1ab070fea66f
11 points

Room in Moscow, Russia.

Preview d80dfe57 40ba 4072 9bf4 0bf6630d33da
5 points

Living room at One57 in Manhattan

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10 points

Clearwater House in Niseko, Japan | by Seshimo Architects

Preview 21f0c7e0 31ba 451e a4bf 4c65e9cfcba8
15 points

This living room has a lot of character.

Preview 5d27aae1 bd9d 4107 b336 b61d43feeb2b
81 points

I will be honest, I got this from facebook.

Preview 25f2974a 74b8 4d7c a66d 3bc501238d97
24 points

Bike Nuts

Preview 5b57e818 efbc 4fa0 bc06 ea50aaffd6bb
20 points

Sunlight fell perfectly straight through the window at exactly 12:00.

Preview 92eac970 d0cc 45a4 885f 6092b5716de8

Rustic living room, with Edwardian features London UK

Preview 89cb7e26 07ad 4f5f ac3e 1dd4f16f12b3
18 points

A minimalist concrete highrise bedroom with platform bed.

Preview b394092c 1423 4989 8144 19c39458e192
75 points


Preview e8b9dc88 c977 4dd4 8066 5d4d379f9b38
20 points

Open and modern lofted house in Gávea, Brazil.

Preview 060c16cf 02fa 4111 9614 6b3e5dfe73d3
10 points

Transitional Living Room in Palo Alto, CA

Preview 574a32a2 8e88 4d3c 9c82 843d145a5de3
23 points

The room I grew up in

Preview ccf5839b a842 4508 860c 111d10256a88
14 points

Need this for obvious reasons

Preview 3ac7490d f255 4920 95f5 83634e08b350
22 points

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