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Living space converts to open-air pavilion in Healdsburg, California

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15 points

Office in the Mountains

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12 points

Blue bedroom at 432 Park Avenue

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6 points

A beautiful minimalist living room in Tübingen, Germany

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46 points

French Style Bedroom Table in North Dublin Ireland.

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34 points

What do you think? Not an professional photographer Finland 1920x1820 2018

Preview ea5ea398 7cdb 4e9a 9ace 12d9f8ff4241
71 points

Rare glance inside Jennifer Aniston's classic inspired master bedroom, Los Angeles CA

Preview 9fb57922 d145 4d4e 88f0 39e387bdc5f2
67 points

Industrial Loft in Athens / Konstantinos Pittas, Greece, 2017

Preview e820c41a 1669 4157 a2f5 0c897d602833
50 points

Cabins in the Woods / Antonio Maciá Mateu + WOHA arquitectura, Spain, 2018

Preview 5c38cdf6 3a0f 42e3 ab3d 9621f4dce70e
64 points

Tunquen House / PAARQ Arquitectos, Chile, 2017

Preview cf5facdc 4ff8 4543 ae4e 29f3e7b3d928
21 points

Renovated kitchen in Seattle

Preview 0b58f26f df5e 4fc4 9739 8ad139de04c7
75 points

Inside the World’s Only Private 787 Dreamliner

Preview 37e4454d d0b6 45d8 93a7 ce119aa08931
72 points

Bedroom with incredible view, East Quogue, New York

Preview 4a879556 a9f0 4cd5 a789 404edc756410
62 points

Minimalist dining room in the $85M Bronfman-Haupton house in Bel Air

Preview 59965502 2ca9 4c03 bbe7 bb6f1c00f7a6
66 points

Modern industrial bachelor pad infused with warmth in Karaköy, Istanbul.

Preview 30801722 6871 4e0a 8090 fdbe4261807a
54 points

Spacious marble bathroom with a porch and views of the sea in Carmel, CA

Preview 8de0ece1 e77c 421f 9f4e 8884a08867fa
70 points

Tall spacious living room in a renovated apartment which added a pool that is visible through thick glass panels, Vila Nova Conceição, South Zone, São Paulo, Brazil

Preview e6732255 c310 47c5 b073 b6144aab2bb3
23 points

I caught Marty McFly doing his best alligator impersonation

Preview b1ff0e8c ee48 46e6 8005 299576b40d4a

When your cat runs your life but you like to keep things tidy.

Preview e89f4161 20fa 44ba 8503 bf725ceb05fc

The Smith House, Connecticut

Preview 4ef6da31 ee96 44f1 88ae ce8d22cbd742
18 points

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