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Light streak

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83 points

Comfortable penthouse overlooking Manhattan at 432 Park Ave. Interiors by Kelly Behun

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68 points

My makeup sponge!

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Sitting room in a lodge at Mombo Camp, Botswana

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28 points

Chalet Cragganmore in Chamonix, France

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64 points

Just moved in, still unpacking. Nap zone.

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81 points

My Living Room. Nothing crazy but I love it

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72 points

Apartment in Winston-Salem, NC

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61 points

Minimalist Office

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65 points

Incredible modern living room with exposed brick and wooden beams.

Preview 233109b0 65d6 4dd4 83b7 d8d8d22d81ab
50 points

Dining area extension to a Victorian terraced house with three-storey-high window with a view of the patio, London, UK

Preview 45f4fcd9 9954 45b1 a44d bb12c6da0a80
61 points

Incredible modern living area -- location unknown :(

Preview 5877a9cb afa9 4306 9493 3db24f644e5d
53 points

Expansive living area uses a mix of wood, stone and steel in this home located in Sheridan, Montana.

Preview aec45a82 b743 416f 87cb ff77c1739688
63 points

Contemporary dining room extension to a brick townhouse with lots of natural light, London, UK

Preview 84a2db9d 9d4b 4920 a7c9 92963f8b74e0
24 points

My friends family recently bought a house from their neighbors

Preview cd7ff381 5ecf 43f7 9d1d fd6e8f6da341
84 points

Once in a lifetime shot !

Preview fff5581f b9c4 4f39 81e7 5f8e4f60249a
22 points

Kitchen in $6,000,000+ Shore House. Cook naked and no one will notice. Jersey Shore.

Preview 55729675 2f2c 449f 917e 2a3da4dcf920
70 points

Living room decorated with reclaimed wood and antiques looks out at Wyoming mountains

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77 points


Preview f0d96e44 6ff8 425f 9c48 40d92a3c551d
51 points

When the dog destroys your sofa, and you can’t afford to have it reupholstered, you take matters into your own hands.

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