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How Unicorns are made

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74 points

A cottonmouth they found in a lake near me

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The real reason evolution started...

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60 points


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102 points

The real reason evolution started...

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93 points


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110 points

Cat5 Hurricane

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123 points

Ǝlʇᴉʇ ɐ sᴉ sᴉɥʇ

Preview 91632486 f9ba 4d26 ba38 3c6267ed1f8d

To all that dragon shaped rivers,I raise you this,river in FInland.

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137 points

The Netherlands without dams

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93 points

Here is some useful information, you're welcome

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108 points

Getting the hell out of dodge.

Preview 295e1136 37d5 4bcf 90d8 14169824208f
73 points

It's sad, but true

Preview eea009eb ca65 4d8b 8277 7edd1d9e34cf

Took me a while

Preview ad603dd6 2e42 404e bbb3 b82e2c435fc9
144 points

I'm a god in school

Preview 61452fc3 fb4a 4fd5 86b5 c275b34ee285
116 points

How Swiss see Europe

Preview c7863c77 6263 4a9e b770 31a3f817abe9
198 points

Offend everyone in Europe

Preview ec0f75b0 c420 4102 be17 7be2c56fc181
165 points

How portugueses see Europe!

Preview bcf453f3 6975 4fd3 8253 282236d790fa
181 points

A bird right at takeoff

Preview 89a52222 19b5 404d bee5 9c9bfd592042

Skydiving near mountains


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