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Tree struck by lightning caught fire from inside

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149 points

Magic words !

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187 points

If you see someone drowning lol

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167 points

Imagine waking up to this

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88 points

Google isn't a snitch

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106 points

Russell, New Zealand. One of the most beautiful places in the world

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102 points

Umpherston sinkhole, Australia

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81 points

Brousse-le-Ch√Ęteau in France

Preview e1194f09 18e3 4c83 adf7 928979e3ac8f
71 points

One of many places I've lived so far. NEPAL.

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106 points

Train for scale - Dughsagar falls, India

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91 points
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76 points

Jean Moulin high school in northern France looks like a hobbit house from the future

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125 points

Just another beach in Portugal :) the country planted by the sea xD

Preview e5110ed9 3fea 44d8 8027 16d2fc463464
145 points

This River

Preview 33176ecd 0e11 42fc b2e0 1a8e10778c28
140 points

Yes or na??

Preview 259e7423 a66e 443d a29b 53d59595c236
150 points

Windy road through a forest

Preview c4601a48 b57b 4baa a561 a1a16d54d01c
127 points

Beautiful lightning near Bulgakovo, Russia

Preview c1202433 8b0a 42bd 969e ea57badaf511
136 points

When you come home after work and realize it was your lucky day

Preview 7e6ff973 66b8 4b88 8c28 0a84a9416f3b
141 points

Found the most ridiculous street name yesterday.

Preview c6d18786 37e6 4de8 9fcf 97f8d5bf164d
251 points

Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

Preview 65a10f62 d08b 4117 a329 52ddc89a9b2a
170 points

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