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A foggy, but beautiful morning walk.

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11 points

Highlands of Iceland

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14 points

Moments best realizing you're living on a planet in space

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14 points

Where Atlantic Meets Caribbean. Glass Window Eleuthera, Bahamas

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12 points

Well, it does make me thirsty

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15 points

The clifftop Lake Sørvágsvatn sits just above the ocean

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11 points

"The Giant's Desk and Chair" Donegal, Ireland

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13 points

A long way to home

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Teal'c dial the gate , we are going home.

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11 points

Just finished a 7 mile hike in the Rockies. I was super proud of myself...then I saw this. I am nothing.

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16 points

New world's longest suspension bridge, Charles Kuonen in Switzerland, spans 1,621 feet and is 279 feet high

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Just out for a walk with the dog

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Mining Ruins and Milky Way

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10 points

The blue waters of Joffre Lake, British Columbia

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8 points

Not a bad morning view for camping in Italy

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57 points

Exact moment when the sound barrier is broken at 1234,8 km.

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10 points

Dirt road in South Africa

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12 points

Crazy cloud formation. Alberta, Canada

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8 points

Our three majestic bridges joining Fife and Edinburgh in Scotland.

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