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Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

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75 points

First color image of Mars

Preview dcb94f85 d269 4165 b0ba a11afa2e50e1
71 points

This hiking trail...

Preview 4226df88 9c7f 4bcc a92c 07c9181a1d7a

I guess turning left was the wrong choice

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70 points

Kindergarten teacher had students trace their hands for the window....creepier than intended

Preview cfdc8236 5e97 4f5c b956 835e7f27067c
65 points

Where's my rope..

Preview f4fef588 0867 4a24 8237 90ee13569ed8
64 points

Wanted to get a quick pic when this kind lightning bolt appeared and pointed me towards my destination

Preview 1e2a42cc a277 425a 8743 3bf0687da227


Preview 6955681d 74b5 42ca bf58 03ba05060a56
62 points

Thunderstorm in my neighborhood in TX

Preview 4c0140de 3900 4437 b24e 3af47fd1e9ad

A field covered in spiderwebs near flood waters in Wagga Wagga, Australia

Preview 704e6ea3 3388 493a b786 1a5157a40e7b
67 points

Glass sculpture wave.

Preview 63762560 dfc9 4b11 9eb0 c6f88e2cb82a

This enormous sand dunes is 🔥

Preview dbe87333 30e9 4a36 888f cf36740121ae
19 points

Aiea Ridge Trail, Oahu Hawaii

Preview b8c09ceb 379d 4b4a b64a 07be789440f8

This ring thing in the lake

Preview 1203adfa 5723 4385 94f1 831fb7181e29
24 points

Flock of birds

Preview 2178abf7 ddf7 4939 a32f 8493dac2ee11

There is always a dog that will spoil the photo

Preview d7fc4403 3687 447d b4ab 01e0e7584aa7
21 points

This picture of lightning hitting a moving cat

Preview 9d22791d 4f04 4742 9466 a98ea963908f


Preview 019a96e6 bff9 4e63 9e22 e2a1b8ea9a9d


Preview 65608c43 57a8 4c69 93e9 f64835232327
11 points

Luiz Fernando on the Pedra da Gávea

Preview fafe6edf d8f8 469d 995b ebb00e38f81d

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