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Scottish Highlands.

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Because f**k this fish right here.

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On the ledge

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Blessing the fresh timeline one picture at a time! #16: Fly Geyser, in Nevada. It was accidentally created while exploring for sources of geothermal energy.

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Balloon man walking down the street

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Beautiful Ireland

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People in 2017 be like " The Simpsons predicted it"

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This spot in the middle of my yard that hasn't been mowed in years.

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Just another day on the farm

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This is the longest worm I have ever seen!

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Where the wheat field ends and the lavender begins

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Transparent Water and the Pro-Photography

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I captured the sunset while I was in the canoe.

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Milky Way over Monument Valley

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Took this pic while hiking in Norway

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My office view today

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Canadian Sunset

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The Swiss really know how to build amazing castles, in the most awesome places!

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Looks like I was too slow for the eclipse awards, but I finally finished my eclipse composite and wanted to share anyway!

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These clouds taking flight

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