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Im a law breaker

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Apparently my typing hand is a perfect pillow. The joys of working from home!

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And Apple comes full circle

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51 points

Her new favorite place to rest

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I love adblock

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20 points

Ron was always a mistake!

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47 points

There's still hope guys

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61 points

She won't let me use the computer when she wants attention

Preview 67871b76 ecd4 4f4f af82 7abac5d51b6f

I posted it 5 years ago

Preview ba31886a a4be 47fd a725 ee1aa03ec22c
15 points

My mom just got her first smartphone. My dad PRINTED THE 180 PAGES OF THE MANUAL!

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33 points

"I'm trying to give her positive role models"

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59 points

Took a photo of my iPad sometime between 16:36 and 16:37

Preview 19578165 671c 47db 90dd cceff12a5ef3

me on most days

Preview ed1869fd 862b 4697 b7f4 275144dd6f19
21 points

My high school used the black panthers logo on our student ID's.

Preview 3b92ef1f 3bdf 4d66 83b2 4f79d219b642
24 points

That moment you realize he was never acting

Preview fca05929 c959 481c bfd7 aefa038ca9eb
21 points

I love myself

Preview 4ab389be 8158 4130 9d04 d72ea28240d9
56 points

Trump pls

Preview 3cd26074 3b1c 4b14 8e5f b03951e3fadb
18 points

This photo represents the difference between freshman and senior year.

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24 points

Modern parenting

Preview 0aab4a44 4b1d 4182 a0b8 d2ff204ff88e
22 points

I guess it works

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