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What seems to be the problem, manager?

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133 points

Someone messed with my keyboard

Preview 36d5e548 1e2f 4608 8442 13034f14da56
214 points

When you can’t do work

Preview 8aa41578 59f6 446b 95e9 975e0ba6435a

This never works for me.

Preview f789ab47 e808 44da 8153 90d4722672bb
397 points

My brother got carried away with the fridge magnets ....

Preview af5a432f cab2 4581 8784 38579419a5fa
256 points

They want their rights !!!!!!

Preview 92c040f4 4b76 4377 a6d1 aafb496b01f0
189 points

A Dream come true

Preview dd56aaea f2cc 488f 8175 5841d43d2593
182 points

A compilation of my cat Bella being a jerk. I call her my sass cat and I’m pretty sure we’re soulmates <3

Preview 264e4c7e 02a0 4726 8f79 88b0567b864d

Oreo Toothpaste Prank!

Preview 8b882bdf c8c6 4f11 a386 99a0a3163295
212 points

His favorite spot when I’m watching tv

Preview 9dd03f47 3eb1 4b1d a369 896b227096cc

She killed all the fish in the tank, yet she still expects something to move.

Preview 74d884b3 a5a6 4b6a bee1 9a26b95d193b

Perfectly captured moment ( this is what cameras were made for.

Preview e5e99928 bc7d 4554 9ef1 68c4d92b6983
130 points

Best job description ever

Preview e467c26d a737 4b98 bdae 4adc04041154
169 points

Snapped a pic of the time change!

Preview 75cd6b02 6c2f 4d8f 805d 19bb300ed3a3

So it begins

Preview 8ffaab47 491f 4418 9179 fe09a71ce86c
113 points

Office Perspective?!

Preview e62d23f1 d59c 4261 a786 34ff8be6b58e
124 points

That moment you realize he was never acting

Preview 60900635 94a7 452a 87d0 7d818f089867
92 points

Don't leave a bottled smoothie out of the fridge over the weekend

Preview 0108d8ce 7d62 4e12 83cb a7901ecc4888
93 points

Anyone on tinder now?

Preview 8a143ea0 e24e 45ba a3f4 6ae968826735
107 points

Come on, Netflix. You can ask the question without the attitude.

Preview 880ed721 c004 44ed a9fa 89b47b8ab60f
126 points

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