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He's not dead yet folks!

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24 points

"Oh, shit"

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Because blocking the screen isn't enough, I most also claw it!

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Something big is happening guys

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55 points

My cats are apparently horrified at my staggering amount of credit card debt. Poor little guy in the back almost threw up.

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44 points

Just got a new printer at work, didn’t want to let the opportunity pass me by...

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84 points

My cat decided he wanted to sit in my bookshelf, he proceeded to remove some books to get the perfect spot.

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Grandma knows best

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97 points

Looked up Lesbian Haircut, was not disappointed

Preview 8b390b8b 49b8 4ee8 b762 cb17ae1cba7e
98 points

Plastic surgery anonymous

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95 points

The last of my childless friends from college had their first baby recently. They're being adequately initiated.

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97 points

Home tab at it again...

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Because I wasn’t doing anything important

Preview ee55bd63 0863 449b b2c7 fa8a2b173a8d

When a family argument gets out of hand

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87 points

Almost choked on my gum when I looked up at saw this above the toilet at my work.

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49 points

Close enough!

Preview 2c45a24a f1e0 4bd9 90b6 208f3a5be01c
42 points


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56 points

10 out of 10

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46 points

Violets are tender

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82 points

How do you even get that title?

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