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Best job description ever

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132 points

Snapped a pic of the time change!

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So it begins

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82 points

Office Perspective?!

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97 points

That moment you realize he was never acting

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82 points

Don't leave a bottled smoothie out of the fridge over the weekend

Preview 0108d8ce 7d62 4e12 83cb a7901ecc4888
75 points

Anyone on tinder now?

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87 points

Come on, Netflix. You can ask the question without the attitude.

Preview 880ed721 c004 44ed a9fa 89b47b8ab60f
113 points

Is this the real life

Preview d8618320 6833 4403 947b 8aa3485a3331
93 points

bet you don’t got your PhD for that

Preview dce86f3e 83c1 49d7 94cb ad13f1c4c370
66 points

Wasting YouTube’s time

Preview 46dffc52 e386 4dc4 9691 7c1d0f5fa0fc
65 points

I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy seals

Preview ae5ef09f 9c0e 4a78 80d1 8427aa64448e
77 points

Don’t get Terry started..

Preview d4940c4a de33 4b8b aa11 2f84fac86352
103 points

The size of this moth

Preview adb80e89 2439 4425 bad2 7c6dfa5749c2
84 points

Shitty way to start your work day...

Preview 19b83edf 8799 4b51 8846 479b3e0e4b20
92 points

If this doesn’t scream I need attention.

Preview 8c17b9b2 1fa2 41d5 aecb ea26e0aec36c

you the future

Preview 132d288f 524f 40e9 b304 5e26179d93c6
124 points

Poor bumper sticker placement

Preview 522a8f7d 9100 4be1 8e8b 2e4235281b95
126 points

And we peaked at fax machines, no?

Preview 5c1fc833 8cdf 4f09 9d11 a5d89bd68cd7
94 points

My wife gave me this Bob Ross book. This photo was inside.. ..

Preview f12c51bd 8db9 47f2 85aa 4f922833d6e6
70 points

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