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Why are there so many stock photos of people shooting their computers?

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Get your shit tgt Jeremy

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I also hate when that happens

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85 points

I'd know it

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5 points

Murica Mario

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I hope there's a special place in hell for the people responsible for those keyboard layouts

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Came back to the dresser in my bedroom and found my phone like this.

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Microsoft Unveils Gorgeous New Surface Laptop That Is Built To Beat Apple's MacBooks

288 points

He's not cold anymore

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93 points

When you stop giving kitty attention for a minute.

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81 points

The more you know!

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205 points

Hate when that happens

Preview 239f2f87 50fc 4024 80bb 41d2a42b2ea7
92 points

F**king Asshole!!

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104 points

Help guys. mouse not working

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97 points

Just started watching Sherlock

Preview 17e4c182 c42b 44be 9dfb 428c60c5b4b6
206 points

Coffee is your friend!

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105 points

I was asked to fix a critical piece of equipment at work today... That is a Toshiba T1000

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174 points

Razer triple monitor gaming notebook

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120 points

Yea I showed her.

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