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When I do the work to find and downvote the EA comment that already has 30000 downvotes

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66 points

My friends test response

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63 points

Reserved parking for Grandpa Rick

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106 points

If it works it works

Preview f99a2d95 cb83 4502 96ee ae2985c36bb3

Trolling Police And Protesters At Vancouver Rally

11 points

One shot was all it took...

Preview 6e94d659 3bb2 43dd 9281 4b5a86c4fd5b

Better safe than sorry

Preview eab63c16 89d8 4dd4 b52a 4c877dfa6e7a
13 points

Climbing Tallest Rollercoaster in England


This man going to his place

Preview 5c9c7170 5c4a 4d2a a61e 909649ec4b36
68 points

Climbing down a roller coaster.


My bartender added 1 cent to my bill in order to make the total $69.69

Preview 16ac88e6 f9aa 4fb9 bcee 37b9ae0f0c3b
124 points

Well that took a turn

Preview b9db8153 9845 4678 8d78 a1b4ed625264

If you remember him, your childhood was awesome...

Preview 42c32f32 90f2 4c9c 8fe7 e5176ce88442

Cop shows one of the worst scenes he's ever seen

213 points

Dreams come true where? Found on my receipt today

Preview 1b709ae1 3f0c 4486 897d 0198a3089306

Didn't see that coming

Preview 05e27cff 7ea7 4224 92ef ecfead74389d
44 points

The first to blame.

Preview e91d110b 37df 42d3 8343 06441aa0bdd4
290 points

Ad on point

Preview 44d26c50 b5a8 4e59 a610 9623e9c2e417
223 points

My friend teaches 3rd grade. This kid has a bad case of the Mondays.

Preview 92754938 4bd9 4f98 8e5b 486aec34f63f
124 points

If you say so...

Preview 4b6cc5f0 cfac 49d3 a550 64d8743c102c
299 points

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