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Romanians check up fresh?

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Just Greek things

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Dreams came true

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21 points

House Goals

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21 points

This pic I took of my dog looks like a crime scene photo.

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85 points

Some People Might Want To Get Through

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Bed Head

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10 points

Luckily, it wasn't shot 17 times.

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17 points

My father in law told my nephew he would buy him an Xbox when he learns to ride a two wheeler. Not getting it today.

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23 points

Seen today at my nephews last Rugby game of the season

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17 points

My friend installing water cooling on his laptop

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21 points

Gets sit on but makes friend

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15 points

The floor is lava

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2 points

Startled by his own toy 😹

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Doggie has no eye-deer what's behind him

Preview cf12effe d769 412b b947 2369aa72901f

Good one

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3 points

Awning collapse on car

Preview 81534b3e 142e 43e3 ad69 cfbe41a3468e
15 points

The reflection of the sun in my chimney burns the grass. You can see the movement of the sun. Yes I know it's the earth that moves.

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7 points

Out-of-this-world yard art spotted in central Pennsylvania

Preview 6f04759a 02ac 44ea b237 291b759de858
16 points

Would not be my 1st choice of window

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9 points

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