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Tequila's first trip to the park. Circa 2013.

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I left the rollercoaster ride out too long and it left this huge dick in my yard!

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66 points

Dog in a bubble

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The dog in the bubble

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Bubble Boy 2: Bubble Dog!

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Who doesn't?

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20 points

Finally finished the Christmas decorations!

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53 points

I laid a concrete foundation for a shed today and left a surprise for any future homeowners who decide to tear it up.

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43 points

How to tell people to f**k off

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19 points

Brick arch

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81 points

After losing my dog I adopted her from the street, say hi to Atena

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53 points

This spot in the middle of my yard that hasn't been mowed in years.

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55 points

Romanians check up fresh?

Preview 249ac826 9068 4990 8b22 1dd0c2df3231

Just Greek things

Preview 96864e99 9d37 452f 9e41 29d5175a5665

Dreams came true

Preview 034d4369 2504 45df a96a 5749ca4ed298
24 points

House Goals

Preview 00c18811 4d00 4334 9a55 482d51b79745
40 points

This pic I took of my dog looks like a crime scene photo.

Preview 2e2b8243 9d67 4609 8793 6c7935280662
93 points

Some People Might Want To Get Through

Preview bd31035a 91da 4239 a0d8 3e3a4e843c9a

Bed Head

Preview 8eba471d 8a5d 4351 8286 ef4afb83f553
13 points

Luckily, it wasn't shot 17 times.

Preview d00fb6cc 7b8a 40dc 8ee0 00659929302c
20 points

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