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This seller knows human nature.

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22 points

There are 2 kinds of people

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58 points

Amazing Customer Service from Cheggs

Preview ee535048 8432 49a5 90cd 0df9dcf50cc1
14 points

Me and my two n*ggas be like Ed, Edd n Eddy

Preview 6f594eb2 a1f6 43c2 9e50 19ff2bdae699
53 points

But Ea servers are always broken, just like my sex life.

Preview b466d30a 2984 4beb aee8 003a77003567
72 points

Time to sell the body for apple maniacs

Preview a4634557 1309 46a5 9eed 6b378fd152b0
17 points

When you need that quick energy boost

Preview 765572cc 2911 4f83 a2c1 4bbacba7760e
22 points

The all time top post in this sub is a repost of the all time number two post.

Preview 61957f6d c3f0 4a86 bf3e 0b1dacaf6e7f

This is why I use AD blockers.

Preview b76dad17 81bd 4782 aee5 240163e3465f
15 points

Amazon Prime is becoming The Borg. Resistance is futile.

Preview c9b988f6 9099 44c0 9764 dde959380dbd
19 points

Troll multiplier x3

Preview 0043a04f f78c 4c56 946d 0cb297a918bc
65 points

Whoever wrote Carl's Jr.'s YouTube bio is really bored.

Preview a9cf1fea 28af 4bd5 9c51 eb84b8b1748a
22 points

Dark joke time

Preview e81ae519 eee3 4225 9dbf c68e8f7d0d6d
21 points

Out of the closet

Preview 79918d70 ffff 49c5 ba5f 73f0d7419e88
19 points

X-post r/DankMemes

Preview d7539aab ab00 4272 b3ee 2baa432f5e1b

It's just a game

Preview e4c9d903 7ac0 4c46 90aa 1be8636e5ed4

The hero we need

Preview bde62201 527d 46da 9efa 3796f828b3ea
22 points

What a twist

Preview 147c5f0f 8e3e 4031 8aab 25bdcd7b1d07

Bob pics hunt gone wrong.

Preview 896d2f7b f6f1 4eae ba67 6c0691efac41
65 points

Let the shit show begin.

Preview f949ac89 77af 4607 8c96 1ba635392003
20 points

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