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Well Google Assistant and Siri have something going on I guess!!

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91 points

I am rich

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106 points

South Park LMAO

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89 points

He only need one, what a c**t

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111 points

Sex options on sign up for forum

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75 points

I Did This And My Mother Called Me Crying And Then Gave Me A Twenty Minute Lecture. Not Worth.

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102 points

When your flash update looks like this in Germany, you get nervouse

Preview 93e0b750 c2eb 4b3b 81c1 b6da9409672a

Family now days

Preview 1efca2bd 949d 4f13 947a 2054ea602a4b
87 points

Probably my favorite post from Ken M

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*Ba dum tss*

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56 points

Do you remember?

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24 points

i don"t have time for you bitch

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Sure, your account was hacked.

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64 points

There are 2 types of classes in college

Preview e7c8775d bae5 48c3 8727 83a4ffc306ff
91 points


Preview 6df916c4 6e9f 46ed b8fa cb0172313d76

Reality was twisted that day😲

Preview 7daf21d3 d141 4ed1 8689 f2759c747a0f
85 points

Mom kicked me out

Preview 8c1a1397 d770 4f90 b3b3 011638fc6189
41 points

Everyone Is Swiping Right On This One-Armed Woman On Tinder

Preview 54076af6 273a 46f4 9bdf 56e3c01aa121
88 points

The top ten worst smells

Preview 27f41f14 9763 4a61 9252 b111fc90c40a

Sad but true...

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