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pope of the people !

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97 points

Hiding in the Bushes

Preview 85040ff8 ee13 49e8 b45d 50731266de6d
127 points

How about that

Preview 27144927 88da 402f 9ffa 6ad9d1042943
125 points


Preview 926328c5 daf3 4e92 a32b 0484ccc9c6d9
104 points

Where The White Man Went Wrong

Preview 4289e1e2 e73d 44a0 8a79 766db2e222c7
82 points

This guy gets it

Preview 58078761 f4e8 4c76 8fdc 8ec17c94d385
66 points

What the fcuk you looking at?!

Preview ce7119c7 ac15 4500 a252 48aa64088f88
76 points

When someone asks me how my day is going..

Preview 2be868cf 031f 4086 8120 ca12b7f32ab3
146 points

What's this guy on the subway looking at?

Preview fea3b674 4bdb 4a7d 9ae2 fd4b67559f53
134 points

Should've just dabbed on the haters

Preview 45761409 cdf7 4abc a38c 6ed1866d1dae
88 points

I struggle to maintain a relationship for 66 days, but here are my grandparents 66 years apart to the day. Happy anniversary Granny and Grandpa

Preview 76edef09 59ba 42ea 8492 e1599e629dc5
145 points

Launch the nukes

Preview 4ad96321 7b2d 4bb8 a01e 135a61721c79
105 points

Please don't move Sr!

Preview 777b7c23 c1ef 4973 808a 8f215e7b4deb
90 points

Waste of time

Preview b7c35d41 3883 4649 9690 bc4abbd8cfb9
170 points

Bridge of Spies everyone

Preview 1c892517 a1e6 4217 b02d f659c2b713bf
98 points

It's yo boi Gengizh Khan

Preview 8e5718fd e796 4712 b962 1b9ca28abdba

Unknown Hugo Boss model, 1943 (uncolorized)

Preview d3c0a5e8 1c67 40db ac9c c7c8874c3cbc
70 points

Char' got jokes

Preview 8243d543 fe7a 48b3 831c 8d8fab342a2e
49 points

I thought Japanese goons only had hair like this in anime

Preview 3e0555e2 7a26 4fc9 ab78 5cc4e8df01e3
126 points

Oh dean

Preview c99222ab 33fd 4fa0 bc36 fff3b54e4bae
130 points

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