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Char' got jokes

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I thought Japanese goons only had hair like this in anime

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Oh dean

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20 minutes

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Ok.... Seems legit

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Soldiers pay tribute to the horses donkeys & mules who died in the First World War

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Only in Japan...

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That was fast.

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Yet shoes are important

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When ukrainian government look like old style painting

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You have to see this

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Gas mask for children designed by Walt Disney

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Googled Kate Middleton Topless, was not disappointed...

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Still waiting

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This makes me very uncomfortable

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This is Houston Police Officer Steve Perez. He died while rescuing people from devastating floods. Officer Perez is a hero.

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I made this

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Hey I'm Bill, or as the ladies like to call me "Hey you behind the Bushes"

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Pasqual Piñón, the man with 2 heads, born in Mexico, 1862

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Did you know ? #044

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