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Husband took the picture just as the butterfly took off towards him. Result, GIANT butterfly!

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Squirrel stole my pizza, carries it up a tree, taunts me with it.

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I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

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88 points

This fly that landed on a flower I was photographing.

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Wouldn't want to get some shade under this tree......can you spot them all???

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72 points

My squash has developed a new defense mechanism

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58 points

A bird bit my sister in Cancun and pulled her over the bridge we were standing on.

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Came home to this in my front yard.

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77 points

I'm Ready

Preview 10cd481b 4259 4dc9 8a6b 456cd206f1b7
74 points

This tree I found hiking looks like a forest monster watching over you.

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32 points

Beauty of a forest in California

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17 points

Never let go

Preview ac6c3c19 77d9 4e22 96fb 9fedcff7f177

Kentucky October

Preview 8df859f2 1e11 43b5 9705 ce3fe2c75664

I left the rollercoaster ride out too long and it left this huge dick in my yard!

Preview e47db97e 9c5f 4330 8dd8 549422cfbe49
82 points

Not sure if it counts but took a photo of MY dog at just the right moment

Preview f625b978 7d1f 4d84 a1f5 e8bbf615a0cc

Bananas for scale

Preview 02f02cb9 ff12 4ed0 8eb5 20b5af6552af
23 points

October in Pretoria, South Africa

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Preview eb5a77b1 f5fd 4a3b 9a78 38d614ed5a8f
18 points

I found a six-leaf clover today

Preview 1421d399 6ef5 4203 b781 342e1042b2e6
19 points

Man walking down the street with balloons attached to him.

Preview bb51edf3 1386 49a2 8205 b83649b0b7c1
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