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Moments before the droplet fall off

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With all the bees dying out there, this was a beautiful sight to see.

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Found this huge caterpillar with wasp pupae slowly growing out of its body today

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WTF: Would You Eat Fried Maple Leaves?

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Birds now barking like dogs and shit. Evolution? Maybe. Drugs? Could be. Hotel? Trivago

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Found this very crazy looking flower today in Seattle, WA!

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Spider web or something holding water. Anyone seen the before? Found in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Smokey Mountains

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The image of the 1400-year-old Ginkgo tree after it leaves its leaves.

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I was wondering why my strawberries were struggling

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Golden plover chick looks exactly like a piece of moss

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Isn't that remarkable?

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Arkansas VS Weed

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Wallpaper #5 | Wood

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Evening after the rain in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Bird upon takeoff

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Having a little fun shooting pics at the park today

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Fifty shades of something

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The way these different tree species line up in this forest.

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