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Crown shyness, a phenomenon where the leaves and branches of individual trees don’t touch those of other trees, forming gaps in the canopy

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The real WTF is that I've never seen this beautiful flower in my 45 years.

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7 points

This spider made a web to hold moisture, even at 100 degrees.

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9 points

I'm gonna die...NOT ME!

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Forests density in Europe. Only Scandinavia and Russia preserved old ancient huge European forests.

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Street art employing a tuft of grass

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Sketched on a leaf

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18 points

A sneaky type of nope

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16 points

Taken the moment I tripped on a trail today

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There is a dog in this picture

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16 points

This waterfall located in Romania.

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When you lie on your resume to get a job you originally wouldn't get hired for because you're overqualified.

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15 points

Ukraine 🇺🇦 the tunnel of love

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10 points

Weed Farm in 25m high tree tops in Germany.

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Butterfly turns to look as it flies away.

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And you don't even know it

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12 points

Mother of Tomato

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14 points

There'll be leaves when you are done.

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20 points

Butterfly breaking the rules.

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Leaning back after a nice lunch under a tree in Honolulu and was greeted by chickens

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