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Good eats

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201 points

3200 year old tree

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92 points

Umpherston sinkhole, Australia

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74 points

Most interesting tree on Earth

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93 points

Dank boii

Preview a1abb638 bb1e 4472 8af9 dc17072d8ef0
137 points

Pro Simpsons reference

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125 points

Hypocrisy at it's finest

Preview 6e122d15 04a8 4b79 be2b a37a442390dd
113 points

What kind of a berd is that?

Preview 5068ffe5 28fb 4012 a554 d0d6c644b503
101 points

Rain forest

Preview d4424d8e 7409 471d b3e5 b1669980b47b
97 points

Mother Nature's getting horny

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95 points

Bikini Bottom aquarium

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83 points

What insects look like after the rain

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106 points

Difference between American and Japanese corn

Preview 9367f213 f61f 4668 9fde 268c0fb7d230
65 points

How broken things can be beautiful

Preview e7b21d43 c424 443f bdaa d074e5e225ff
79 points

I actually saw a pineapple

Preview a8139720 6193 4ee8 8a2e c9e03fa241fa
209 points

The road you get for 1M Euros in my country

Preview 8ac75531 b19d 45d0 8f1d afe0c8db47ca
88 points

Rate my setup

Preview ba688dc5 7c7c 4299 918b 99652a7f292a
89 points

Lemme show you how to make fire

Preview 5bd0cff1 1c75 47fb 8b56 73f43ef673a6
191 points

You ain't gonna stop me, b*tch!

Preview 31f07c88 94c3 4337 92dc 8faa2ca130d5
140 points

This 391 year old Bonsai Tree survived Hiroshima & is still growing strong today.

Preview 5af8a144 7f65 452a 87b1 88037b6d51df
81 points

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