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Surfing an 80 foot wave...


Guys adjust they’re hats.

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What kind of monster brings a balloon to a movie?

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116 points

Moment colleagues burst into applause to congratulate policeman who gunned down five jihadis.

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104 points

This case, wth.

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95 points


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Eat it, Mills!

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110 points

Is Hugh Jackman immortal?

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96 points

Interview Technique

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82 points

Better safe than sorry

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99 points

Having a ruff day

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61 points

Biden gonna stop a war with north K...

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60 points

He still got a hit.

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When your professor starts paying attention...

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94 points

🍕🍕 Pizza 🍕🍕

Preview fba26df6 fcea 4104 842b ac162cbe3edf
148 points

Yup, this is me

Preview 1d340937 640a 4a47 91a9 e6299205d663
24 points

You guys thought the fat guy was the ball eh?

Preview 3238d5f2 6af0 4282 b70f d72c68705bf2
105 points

Turkish President Erdogan delivers a speech

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Look at me

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94 points

Yay for environment

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