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Went bowling with my brother today. He asks for the biggest size they have, and the counter guy's response was "I knew this day would come, we've been waiting for you."

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Track me not

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100% me.

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My friend's son was struck by lightning this afternoon. These are his shoes.

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Basilio Dancing Queen

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This is the result of my managers chair after 4.5 years of putting his contacts in and drying his hands on his chair...

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Aerial view of a scrap tire dumpyard

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Fus Ro Doh!

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My vans came in today

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Good news, everybody! The solar eclipse glasses I ordered a month ago finally came!

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human anchor

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Just some East Coast bro walking to work.


Ready for the eclipse tomorrow!

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Scrap tire dumpyard from above

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That'll be $2000

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I'm broke af right now

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Florida car alarm - feeds itself

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He gets it

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Typical Florida Uber Passenger

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