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Ready for the eclipse tomorrow!

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12 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

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18 points

That'll be $2000

Preview bf0f2e59 a1b6 44df 956f 685d4bf53a75
10 points

I'm broke af right now

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22 points

Florida car alarm - feeds itself

Preview 613cdb14 1166 4e82 b04c 7566b2482f2b
17 points

He gets it

Preview 761408a1 d4a9 40a4 a4f5 3eb562b4b106
4 points

Typical Florida Uber Passenger

Preview 8fc07a09 52fb 4d21 b2f0 c5102c87d70a
4 points

One of my students asked if he could charge his shoes in the computer lab.

Preview e1baa06c 500f 4306 b145 0cf38bce9218
253 points

Fixed it!

Preview 8014932a 87e3 4fc6 9727 6b3d585b51d5
172 points

So true

Preview f1f4168e 135a 4e7d 806f a2cff2014003
235 points

Shut Up And Take My Money!! Give It To Me

Preview 5a42a7de d708 4a7a 9e0e 4ae999243780
313 points

One of the main reasons that I wear this brand

Preview b35383cf 7fa8 4ff2 8bc4 fa2fdc4651c8
212 points

Made my day

Preview ad7d6786 503d 4e76 b04a 059af7e6b013
92 points

How This Talented Man Makes A Delicate Equus Lined And Raised Belt Is Oddly Satisfying!

163 points

Grandma cool. . . . brings to you the latest jordan's

Preview c2581691 63c8 4a10 aeb2 799fce86db31
131 points

The pain....

Preview e0acedfe b092 41a0 b5fb 8fc9a6762699
179 points

Wrong side!

Preview 88a68878 4029 4893 8c07 3ff57a0ebd7e
196 points

You must be kidding me.

Preview c3878aa4 6946 45f5 a63c 217d24897d42
117 points

Ian have you ever been on a fucking sofa?

Preview 2cacc58c 33d9 411d 8a60 95bd096fbe94
153 points

Might be time to change shoes

Preview ac8771a8 0ad4 44e4 bc4e 19b0ab010d7c
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