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Chair tho

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Magic carpet

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Butterfly Shakib Khan Subhasree

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He looks stunning

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Ticket to hell plz

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VR back in the day

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Goodboy Cerberus does a guard of the Gates of Heck

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Walked out to the pool my girls told me they had boobs lol Who else did this as a kid?

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Your daily dose of dankness

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A vegan we can all love (3 Bananas for scale)

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Oh man

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I wish this picture I took was photoshopped

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A picture of my cousin right at the point he hyperextended his knee

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Forgot to reposition the camera to take a jump pic, looks like we hung ourselves

Preview a8a55a95 5c13 4406 a294 0148803285a5
191 points

Friend threw a gummy bear. I caught it

Preview 2633db22 1af3 4420 8e37 d83be0811d19

When your friend throw a shekel from the mountain

Preview 7b29d2cd 94c7 4ca4 b0ff b46a63a15fba
206 points

A Dad captured this photo of his 10-year-old son surfing over a great white shark

Preview a3021d9c a35e 40cd b8cd c194a6cf4386

A little bit of art for you :}

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Relationship goals

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