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Bookshelf House / Shinsuke Fujii Architects, Japan, 2014

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60 points

This warehouse-turned-hotel in Singapore features exposed ceiling trusses, brickwork walls and mid-century style furniture.

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58 points

It's got another year in it

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69 points

They must’ve known I was coming

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96 points

Detention was 34 years ago today

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79 points

Oh dad!

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97 points

Every meal in Paris would be horrible. I'd burn each one because I would never bring my eyes down to what I was making!

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39 points

Stylish sitting area in this Boerum Hill brownstone townhouse | Brooklyn, NY

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72 points

Stunning light beatiful area. Nevmekan Cafe Library Istanbul

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71 points

Beautiful sitting and reading area in a restored home from the 1640s located in Södermalm, Stockholm.

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92 points

The first library in Latin America. Puebla, Mexico.

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74 points

The ornate and extravagant Joanina Library | University of Coimbra, Portugal

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68 points

Library in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Preview 540e148f 4971 4694 a670 baf428da63f3
22 points

"Big Blue" Library in Jeanette Whitson's Nashville Home

Preview a94a4c47 c189 49b5 9a91 a1227723fff2
134 points

While monitoring a client's CCTV footage I saw this...

Preview 199c4d4e d3b3 4654 8737 925cd3bc80f8

The 9th Century St. Florian Monastery in Austria

Preview 3f2c5752 84b4 4724 a6e8 c5c30e67b77a
47 points

Morgan Library NYC

Preview 6c95a4d8 12ac 474a 87d5 51c59eff24b6
38 points

The home library of a retired Johns Hopkins professor

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49 points

No need to check this book out to learn what I need to know about Australian Shepherds

Preview 9ac340f1 3f2d 4d08 8012 fa36393b4bfb

Bright reading area features wooden herringbone floors in this townhouse in Brooklyn.

Preview 89e358bb 9d76 468d b3b4 39191f977511
64 points

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