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This huge effort in transporting a Bobbycar

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184 points

No wonder I slept lika a baby

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92 points

Train station in Denmark

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94 points
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76 points

Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

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173 points

Moments before being evicted

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126 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

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140 points

Because, f**k this city!

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95 points

Caption this

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105 points

Guess Who's back ?

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165 points

This city needs a hero . . .

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162 points

Italian cake

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132 points

My friend told me to take a picture and I didn't know why he wanted me too until I saw this

Preview bc33e097 36ac 4bcf af53 7f116a777ddc
126 points

This guy

Preview 66de6df7 79b3 4f4f 9a59 99a2c7d63983
252 points

What? How?

Preview 7637e9dd c1d8 4bf5 be9a e03b9d1b5182
225 points


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Dragon bridge, Vietnam

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98 points

How many germans does it take to change a light bulb?

Preview 3f44fba7 75ab 48a9 9bdd a2cf176fdeec
229 points

I was hoping Pizza Hut would have a witty comeback.

Preview 5151d58a feb1 4d11 bb92 8bc50a98261f
219 points

Bedroom Goals

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409 points

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