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Awesome picture of the eclipse that lined up just right!

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A true gentlemoon

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15 points

Phenomenal Northern Lights Display near Tromsø, Norway.

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11 points

Caught the reflection of the light in the window, looks like its floating in the sky!

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20 points

I think this is the best solar eclipse picture yet.

Preview ab88b1ae ead7 4086 a6f6 48adca4adbe1
23 points

Alaska Air wins the eclipse photo competition

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17 points

Inside Irma's Eye

Preview ca5a78b1 ec40 4c33 955e 5c849693c8b8
11 points

It stormed during the eclipse so my dad improvised.

Preview bb354d06 ffd7 4fae 8b84 cf07f2343e49
16 points

A nice spot for some quiet reflection

Preview 821aaa8a a2d2 4896 85a9 ea97f7cf619f
12 points

SO's mom tried taking a picture of two rainbows from her balcony, and got an extra dose of badassedness!

Preview 6405fb1b c990 42c3 b373 f9182dc004bf

Yo, I heard you like storm clouds!

Preview cbd42de5 1f73 404c 8168 9e977078c775
10 points

My dad took a pic during the eclipse today.

Preview a2a05799 7f5e 406b 8a9c 113ee41bacb8
10 points

My time to post this

Preview a239f2bc f512 40cb 850e 8f549d29e7f2
19 points

So.... Cardboard cop cars are a thing now in Turkey.

Preview a4ed76fa a98c 4cb4 bff4 935f8de2c498
19 points

Monkey Face Eclipse Smith Rock, OR

Preview 8a069516 5312 491d a45e fb9a05bb918e
17 points

Photo of a volcano eruption from a plane

Preview 4336206a d012 40d7 9500 9355f68dd027
16 points

View of the 2017 eclipse from an airplane.

Preview 952cda7f 2544 483b ad1e 82483c366632
14 points

Today I went to Petra.

Preview 545bf2d2 2a91 4193 837f 82fa899b5cb3
11 points

That what I saw last week while I left Iceland

Preview 65f1786f 33a5 4456 a65f 9cd1bb761101
14 points

Sunset during eclipse, I took this on the island of Boa Vista, in Cape Verde

Preview d761227d 106a 4764 8c9e 5713dd5c1ff8
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