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Driving along the motorway and get overtaken by...

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22 points

The Full Solar Eclipse Over Nashville (photograph by Richard Sparkman)

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17 points

Sister posted this on Snapchat...

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77 points

City Hall Station - a decommissioned terminal in the NYC subway system

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20 points

Big Little Face, meet Little Big Face.

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20 points

The Titanic compared to a modern day cruise ship

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70 points

Taken while laying in bed the other day .

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20 points

The only pedestrian street in the world with a traffic light (Prague)

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23 points

Cop chase.

Preview 457dbab4 7536 4f33 86a8 782b4fe24181
24 points

New ecologic bicycle path in Poland

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20 points

Eclipse 2017

Preview 71aeaa65 48ec 4a81 a416 5f5bcc7d711c
12 points

The moon's shadow of today's eclipse seen from the international space station

Preview ec06c4c9 052d 40a3 bf8c b62c4cd34f6b
20 points

DRA house located in Sanur, Bali.

Preview 15b67324 0207 4455 ae48 4693a4138a53
89 points

Mt. Rainier casting a shadow during a sunset

Preview 7acd9ccb b19c 4726 bca2 eed8914b4c0d
13 points

The ceiling of the "smoking area" of this airport

Preview d4012b29 72b9 44f9 bffc d165c4fdbf87
18 points

Taken while laying in bed the other morning.

Preview 80eb6d4d d533 4b4f bda4 ff26ea006b36
15 points

Shooting star

Preview 058214e1 ee69 49fb 9ee0 7bc076bafe7b

Caught this photo of spider web refracting sunlight on a hike last night

Preview 94484aca dfe4 4c2b 9785 0c625f18a92e
23 points

Snow in Estonia right now

Preview 2ebcc1d2 371c 4d51 b3d3 34c8f181e7b7

Living room with a view of the sunset, located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Preview db6c3b17 ff95 4ac8 8a96 7735a53e1b3e
21 points

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