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Is this legal?

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134 points

Die and ride

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109 points

The new Back To The Future trailer has just been released.

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78 points

Time To Work Out

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99 points

For the luxurious off-roading.

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80 points

Saw yesterday at Walmart.

Preview cae0a538 79e4 4241 970a 15261c768348
130 points

The guy my math teacher was talking about

Preview 8c1ab0ca 76cd 41b9 b2ad 1fe05db5fb48
109 points

Store near me - someone drove through the brick / metal handicap sign and onto another car

Preview 6f95df58 0d94 4d4b a275 4e4484b36916
127 points

My fiancé carries chalk in his car for opportunities like this one

Preview 752ef94c 2519 4bab bd4f e35b6759dcfc
115 points

I see your No Kids and raise you cats, lots of cats.

Preview 828fe2cf c688 4cdb a5e8 173a5131b791
103 points

The Excarcist

Preview f6162a26 48ed 456f 84e3 39cf432f6be4
63 points

This parking job.

Preview 9204fc9e 4f9c 471e a858 46c1e35a07e0
70 points

Could you imagine a side impact wreck?

Preview 4e13ad48 b558 4e05 a280 5d9106e188a4
59 points

This belt buckle truck

Preview 01e47b31 8e4c 471c ab1f 9792616276a1
100 points

Guess I have a new neighbor...

Preview cf04a349 a47a 4741 afef df51d7129ff0
48 points

Just after a chest day at the gym..

Preview 2c508f10 163b 4e66 b931 a04bce4d88b7
100 points

That's an idea I guess

Preview bd7c33bf 9de8 454c 82a1 1844f19388a4
102 points

When you have to improvise

Preview c53d85a8 94dd 45c9 988c 56bc27d142b4
112 points

Dentist's new car (and plate).

Preview 48a215da 1952 4137 a24c 1cbc6aea0f45
79 points

Damnit Laura!

Preview 630eb3fa ca61 4d28 9b42 742d832b4b77
121 points

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