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Buying online clothes I found the review picture on the right.

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meanan sexy funny picture 100+ album

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The dude in the back and his gf.

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LOL Malone😂

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Ordering a "pink lady" in Phuket , Thailand

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So trueee😂😂

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Diabetic man ended up with this situation after repeated injections of insulin into lower abdomen

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150 points

Whoever keeps doing these, Thank you.

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My belly button is shaped like a cinnamon roll

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Idk who did this but thank you

Preview ca7e4329 cea7 480f b5ee 38cc4786dda1
250 points

Security guard doing an ocular pat down

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221 points

Replacement knee

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Remember "Beans" from Even Stevens? This is him at 23 years old.

Preview bdefa4ae 955b 45e6 9721 4e683e0df64b
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