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Go Sheep

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41 points

Lion looking very pleased with himself

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53 points

Close Encounter with a Mountain Lion


I think this.

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22 points

911? There's a cat stuck in a tree.

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20 points

Lion Bites Tire Causing it to Explode – Kruger Sightings


This lion didn’t like photographer invading his privacy.

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16 points

Dat look

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Monkey don't give a damn


Lion cub attempts to roar, then sneezes and startles other cub.


Boxing Kangaroo


No shit

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18 points

Majestic Wildlife

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110 points

I thought 9GAG should see this beautiful creature

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17 points

I'm more important than you wedding human

Preview 0c281d24 1f3f 43c5 aa35 f90233d54e9d

Being seal-y with your friends

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94 points

When you don't realize how big your head is until you take a selfie with a friend.

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9 points

Googled worst idea ever and I wasn't disappointed

Preview 34a24c9b 30d7 424b 8430 5b600cef6b93
15 points

And now it's stuck in your mind on repeat mode.. :)

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