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Was searching Amazon for 99% isopropyl alcohol and this popped up. 100% Grain Alcohol AKA Moonshine. WTF?

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This gets worse the more you look at it

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91 points

Kingfisher frozen in ice

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24 points

At least someone's happy to see me after a long day at work

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66 points

A friend just handed me water in a water glass

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70 points

I'm sorry i dropped you stop giving me that look

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So my mom was unbagging her groceries yesterday, I look on the table and see this.

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This cup of fat looks like a frothy, cold beer. I’m going to leave it out at a party this weekend. I’ll report back.

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Now in your cold isle - horse milk

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The only Vodka in the world made with pure milk (it's delicious too)

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83 points

Finally found it! decently priced too

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Just hanging out at Niagara Falls

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Just chilling above Niagara Falls.

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This advertisement came up on my newsfeed from a local Pub. ‘Tide Pod Shots’

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73 points

........Aaaaaand this is how I got my creamer to stop dissipating at work.

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85 points

I call it Hahn Solo

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Ohio kids parents give teacher wine for Christmas with sons picture reading "Our child might be the reason you drink."

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92 points

Poop prank

14 points

Anyone keen for some milk pop?

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