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Achilles!! Your cousin plan has done bamboozled all of greece!

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17 points

Found my cat drunk af!

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16 points

I need this in my life

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23 points

It's a-me

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21 points

This is the north pole of Saturn, 2100 km long and 540 km/h of Red wind speed (from Cassini sond)

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23 points

So sad but lol

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21 points

Post says it all

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3 points

Ikea food line


Want some....

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18 points

The most morbid tea bag

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14 points

You won't escape an awkward situation by ripping off this label.

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2 points

Welcome to S.A.

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3 points

"Asshole destroyer pepper blend" Would you try it?

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2 points

When you try to be healthy

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5 points

Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

Preview 2b19c5d3 dff7 4b88 a49a cf301783fe4a
61 points

Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

Preview 89aa40d1 e046 4776 842e ab8a1d2f52fd
82 points

I took an awesome shot in Paris, thought I'd share with you all.

Preview e8919588 d918 4729 9a7a 49e2c7c7ce78
80 points

Any more vacancy?

Preview d37eb0f6 4cfd 4f0e a4ab a4794e123493
5 points

My Cuban-American family is having a reunion today. This is a pre-revolution bottle of Bacardi Rum made in Cuba. ¡Salud!

Preview 35b0be1c b159 4621 8708 ac74a42b49a6
6 points

It's Catoxicated...

Preview 2ea66e3a 27ec 44aa a4aa 6ae53ebbd74d
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