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Someone made 50 cent's tweet into a poster

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143 points

Disney needs to explain themselves

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108 points

How Not To Get Shot In Milwaukee

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152 points

Mr Bean sees himself

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121 points

japan is slam jammin

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118 points

"Oh, shit"

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The difference 20 years makes

Preview 2ec9d016 e6f6 4a1c 9a9e c8bca42f9369
126 points

The sexual activity of teenage boys

Preview 301d507d 57e2 4d38 8c27 e69e929b157f
131 points

You don't say?

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119 points

"We need to show we're sponsored by FedEx." "No prob. I'll grab something off the Internet." -- Seen at the Millennium Hilton, Bangkok

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136 points

How do you even get that title?

Preview 04d6ffe8 084b 4ff4 9fe9 de745e522cd6
95 points

Perfect Timing in Plague Inc.

Preview 25c4cbc2 5f6f 45b1 9d75 a8be6f90d669

Understanding men

Preview be4e2b59 d97e 4bf8 8eca dc785e1a15e9
151 points

The story about a dead child haunting this man's apartment continues to get more terrifying [Part 1]

Preview 837a1032 ad78 4e1e ba5c 011be6f9b0c4
111 points

American education in a nutshell

Preview 4c03a803 3c7d 4cce 967c ed0afc92fc49
108 points

at Chinese Karaoke Place .

Preview ee3dccd1 b804 4f01 bea4 2378ffeb2f3d
134 points

There's only one thing to do when Internet is down ...

Preview 8756fdcc 8312 4f0c 846e 2fbdebc808c3

Kids these days and their modern language!

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93 points

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