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Ma, I come to bargain~

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96 points

Give me the blanket

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Dont wake me up

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When your cat runs your life but you like to keep things tidy.

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Mid-century family room in Venice, CA

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51 points

House cat found in ice.

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92 points

I'm giving away a dog

Preview 8573142b ec66 4b65 9547 f61f067d1f49

Tried to take a picture of my cat sleeping but accidentally scared him

Preview c9bdf09d 71a0 4612 a12c 24b3ae486c88
74 points

When the dog destroys your sofa, and you can’t afford to have it reupholstered, you take matters into your own hands.

Preview c3655852 773d 462e a18a 9df99cfe2f2d

So glad I spent $80 on a new bed for my dog...

Preview 488af4b5 2183 420a 857b 517e7c59d624

Walked in on my dogs...

Preview 76f3a295 4ae2 4161 8360 2150f8599db6
108 points

My cat always inspects my groceries when I get home from the store. This is the moment he smelled the roast beef.

Preview b6f60535 962e 43c7 8df3 378e24b67d59
48 points

Our hoarder neighbors got evicted, this is the view from the front door.

Preview 1c06700e a412 49d8 a7a2 c80df9aff64f
45 points

It's modest, but it's mine. Cozy and minimal living room.

Preview fdd0526b 721d 4790 9f09 347099a92f16
41 points

Jackson doesn't like tree trimmers.

Preview 73e30165 8fbf 4234 89e4 6930d9ef458b
49 points

A Living Room Inspired By Stranger Things

Preview d0f45f7a bb4b 44ad 856b ca9814e4e2d5
73 points

Portal in to the better life

Preview 1f1213ec f81e 44b2 9f6b 77058e688d76
13 points
Preview 8c5ebcb9 d3fd 4464 8ffb 8b98c0576a52
111 points

He can bearly move

Preview f98bf5a4 d86e 4a3d 9dc2 543932fac09d
15 points

Well, she won't cooperate!

Preview c9754b73 d040 491f 9d28 34b774253b7c
152 points

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