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195 points

Childhood Ruined ...

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310 points

You mean... unduckover

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183 points

This RC Car Can Drive Across Water And Left People Deeply Confused

171 points

3-Year-Old Girl Demonstrates How To Change A Car's Oil!

204 points

Do you know about it?

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126 points

Had to punch a wall to feel manly again..

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100 points

Couple And Baby In Happy....

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106 points

Wild baby bunnies! I go and feed them every day.

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111 points

Meet Coco

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56 points

Just found them..their mom was dead. I already found a family for the white one. Help me find a name for the brown lady

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91 points

Do you see an eagle?

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65 points

Just a random fluffy bunny :)

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75 points

Gotta love the Colonel!

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He is my very first kitty and he just died a couple days ago. He took my whole heart with him.

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101 points

TBH Shapeshifter seems like the best one

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127 points

The World's Smallest Philly Cheesesteak Will Still Make You Hungry

163 points

Be true to yourself little pupper

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161 points

Four years later, the tables have slightly turned.

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