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What a deadly dog

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16 points

Bucket of pups

Preview 35d13a2a 03e8 4761 9c1d 3dfb578b1d42
10 points

Dude this cat!!

Preview d7e1d16f 8f84 4c20 b3d1 e119452ccc6f
14 points

Rate my sploot

Preview a2278421 dafb 440a b168 8e3920fe730a
16 points


Preview c4456748 0982 4286 b3f6 9933d14d50c5
13 points

To bork or not to bork... that is the question.

Preview 3bacbf4c fe18 4d6a b2d1 4abeceaac679
13 points


Preview 7e924004 06e2 4313 8ed6 ff462f87a017
17 points

This fuck head just peed on my chest.

Preview 52da51aa bc92 494e 86e4 0f5020b7bfde

I found it beyond the wall of my house

Preview 547f7bb9 a19c 4f36 8b7a c11568c687bd
15 points

Shut up Karen

Preview 9f06e8d3 7c2e 4195 b84b 57ee8a13d068
12 points

Cuteness overload

Preview 52b6797e 8777 4a2f 9fdf 7bd478c5454e
11 points

My dog not sure what of my son is going to do with a ball

Preview c91d8e6e c386 4145 a37e c10e4968b70d

Photographer Diane Özdamar spent years photographing rats to break the negative image of them by taking cute magical pics

Preview 2337a3e7 c944 4f4a 97a5 bad153e9ec30
14 points

Why though

Preview 3a548fb5 b031 40a5 83c4 4368f18be447
12 points

Palm-sized bun

Preview 5174ef04 c67e 4edf 915d fb8a2e7c18e1

Here's a pupper that's come to improve your day!

Preview d6400b99 a331 48dd 9df2 05e071ed1b5b

What a lick

Preview 6542d3f4 8664 4668 b56d 59b4dffe1691
16 points

"I'm calling PETA"

Preview fe000b4a 2c17 455b 8a5a 215caf5e6f9f
17 points

Oh, Okay..

Preview 923ef5a6 1644 46a3 baed 83c93f7e18e1
16 points

The original Success Kid picture was 10 years ago today.

Preview 75a73380 ae20 42a9 8335 886558a230e2
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