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If anyone knows if the filmed it , I need it , for research purposes

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86 points

A baby cow. Don't you just want to pull on that little tongue?

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24 points

Well he has a point

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80 points

Teacher uses my name positively

Preview 2c7855c5 6a20 4f9e 8a1a 9eeaf27375be
24 points

The coolest cow ever (not mine)

Preview cae67230 7612 488b 85c1 1baab860cd19
19 points

That pig.

Preview 4f61a084 f7af 4f73 937e c1138685e518

Insignificant fool

Preview 26b86a29 612e 4bc7 93e0 a03581489dca
23 points

Sweet, sweet irony

Preview 65a31b76 baa4 406d 98b9 d71c38593fa8
20 points

Brazilian giant rooster called Índio Gigante

Preview 50d0de49 ee8a 479e 8eb9 bcbb2d4b716d
12 points

This cow slipped and broke it's own neck while feeding.

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18 points

Moving cat beds

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13 points

Happy doggo

Preview b04156d8 7e69 4b2e a2a6 af7a70581245
18 points

When you order a horse from eBay

Preview 706203ae 86a8 47ab aeac 13f03ce799d3
9 points

Smol and fluffy fren

Preview 66a7afe6 85ea 4feb a991 91fff1dc1c74
18 points

If you're having a bad day, here's a happy alpaca to cheer you up

Preview 7b6c887a 2dda 45e7 a8f2 a250486f9311
19 points

The love of a mother.

Preview c8e96cc8 4f1e 4ddc 83f2 3d828ee05bea
13 points

The last selfie

Preview d6b0d1be fde7 48de ac7e 0785a0983885
18 points


Preview 75c4859d 99b5 486c 9be3 b2faa980c61a
5 points

Hello there!

Preview c497db6b 917e 48e7 a3d4 1a0578f03b3d
22 points

Three Wild Rabbits escape riding floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering a board sheep.

Preview 57d7afed 1192 4727 a33d 45f6996dd6bc
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