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Six Cows Killed by a Single Lightning Strike

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80 points

A tired cow

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67 points

A tired cow

Preview 1f4d5b78 26b6 4504 be73 ea8e702628bc
76 points

Dual head horse

Preview c549eed5 625f 4c0f b7a0 33fd51aab119

Mama cow picked a rather rude place to relieve herself.

Preview 04b29dda ba39 4eae bc2a 79004a25d498

Well, well...hello there

Preview 739e03c3 6e90 4ede 9552 ca7f7d560ae0
37 points

Happy cow and rainbow.

Preview cec72a23 0913 4b9e 9d5d 4463cf2418c1
17 points

Not mine

Preview 2956ed36 e235 4d8a ac60 0cab38e50e7a
76 points

Life finds a way

Preview 92ad9111 c38e 48d7 a4de d07171843b56
78 points

Lovely ponytail.

Preview fb0e88f0 f120 4e8b b01a b592776ea0f0
93 points

Goat on Tortoise

Preview d5b2bc85 6c8f 4be2 8a88 df31b2e5ffe3

Fluffy mooboye does a blep

Preview e6f66a32 c2c2 462b bc8f f1e7a207058f
51 points

Have you ever seen a more satanic looking animal?

Preview 18fe8c34 311d 4ca8 a84d 43cfaec7e3fe
59 points

So that’s how it’s done!

Preview 01c9ad24 a185 4740 8f59 11a88726a861
74 points


Preview 802921d9 48d0 4383 b779 0212412d7507
49 points

If anyone knows if the filmed it , I need it , for research purposes

Preview 5ec8c2eb fcd2 4d8c 9760 a925704482a8
120 points

A baby cow. Don't you just want to pull on that little tongue?

Preview 710d2037 b290 4615 abd0 6db505134b55
77 points

Well he has a point

Preview 4633e420 7f9f 4687 ab14 6b371d99ac2b
90 points

Teacher uses my name positively

Preview 2c7855c5 6a20 4f9e 8a1a 9eeaf27375be
87 points

The coolest cow ever (not mine)

Preview cae67230 7612 488b 85c1 1baab860cd19
57 points

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