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Baby Toucans look like a cross between a dinosaur and Costco roasted chicken

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67 points

WTF Baby toucans look like a cross between a dinosaur and Costco chicken

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24 points

Ultimate warrior

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86 points

eyes up!

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69 points

Petrified lizard stuck to my wall

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78 points

When you are telling your Grandparents about your job and they have no clue what have you just said, but they are very supportive

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84 points

Unicorn python

Preview e6851d53 a1d1 4524 ae24 248faa74f02f
66 points

Butterflies sitting on Alligator

Preview 6ce716c0 b685 43fb ac1e 7def913f3856

We made an agreement, best friends forever!

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62 points

The Child eye Modified.

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The more you know

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Odd statue at a customers house... there were 4 of them.

Preview f4e9f380 480e 40ca 8164 b28c168fee14
83 points

Joined by the eye

Preview 3ac0f203 be82 4c3f a227 848c1023766b
48 points

Anything you say?

Preview ccc776ab 6f53 46cd b82d c7f512d18371
42 points

Science-backed, cold hard facts

Preview d483b11b 134e 4466 86f2 14e508d23c58
24 points

Chemeleons will hold onto anything you give them.

Preview 4140dd57 ac2b 4f31 ad7a 6bc71ce6c466
75 points

Well.. can I be now disney princess??

Preview 22c33652 3fad 4242 a7f1 f0a337709328
52 points

Yes,I am that desperate

Preview 1f8b9b80 6f15 434f abc3 7087a7336905
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