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The Child eye Modified.

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The more you know

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64 points


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74 points

Odd statue at a customers house... there were 4 of them.

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79 points

Joined by the eye

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16 points

Anything you say?

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19 points

Science-backed, cold hard facts

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18 points

Chemeleons will hold onto anything you give them.

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67 points

Well.. can I be now disney princess??

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20 points

Yes,I am that desperate

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51 points

Took some shots of my lizard today, hope you guys like it

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13 points

You know what? It kinda reminds me of the giant worm from Gears of War 2

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86 points

I made a thanksgiving feast for my Tegu lizard


A Little Crocodile on Hands

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45 points

This is me all day

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15 points

If you think about it...

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62 points

they say chivalry is dead

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112 points

My lovely pet

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14 points

The fruit of another sleepless night.

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11 points

God dammit, not again :|

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