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The light switch in my shed wasn’t working so I opened the cover

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74 points

I think my 6 year old tortured her doll and left it for dead...

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84 points

My roommate and I hosted a couple of people as a favor for a friend of mine. Now that they've moved out, we're finding Easter eggs.

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84 points

My 7 year old son's brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock

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79 points

When you park like an asshole.

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70 points

Tinder af

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94 points

Nose ring attached to keys

Preview c79239b7 2be0 4fec 8758 fb3953366496

Employee Fridge at Safeway

Preview 9ffadc34 7d45 4677 9656 4b7108a57573
64 points

The tag on our doggo that my wife made for her

Preview d99fa2f8 c8c4 4dfc 928b a764a7f24120
90 points

17th century assassins poison cabinet disguised as a book

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81 points


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74 points

No thanks

Preview ce696da8 9a1f 40e8 a253 71ae6e6aa7ec

Fixed IT! you forgot one

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99 points

It didn't seem to do much good for the last guy who stayed here.

Preview 838ecac1 b2f5 4a76 a830 956eda7b46e5
72 points

My mother's client received this anonymously when he started working in Texas in the 1960s

Preview a9d11cf2 64bb 4d27 9a56 0b075f187dcb
90 points

Japanese Men Selected Their Top 10 Actresses With Ideal Body Shape

Preview 151cd5a8 12db 440a ae0f bb747d99ae0e
149 points

So, who wants to choose Slytherin?

Preview 80c4f538 addb 417c 8c9e 35f84b06bebe

Googled diy burnishing tool. This came up

Preview 9d1d9ead 55df 430a 97fa 16599ac1b1b3
12 points

Hate that feeling

Preview 699423a4 58cd 427f aff1 291fdf1db1f9
13 points

It's this time of year again...

Preview e8bd73e5 fcad 4bbe be16 1ae9808c10d6
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